TANDEMKROSS Introduces Charging Handle for Ruger MKII and MKII 22/45

TANDEMKROSS Charging Handle for Ruger MKII & MKII 22/45
TANDEMKROSS Charging Handle for Ruger MKII & MKII 22/45

HOOKSETT, N.H. – -(Ammoland.com)-TANDEMKROSS, an innovative manufacturer of after-market firearms accessories, has introduced a new charging handle for the Ruger® Mark II and Mark II 22/45.

The “halo” Charging Ring is modeled after the company’s popular charging handles for SW22® Victory™, Browning Buck Mark and Ruger® MKIV, MKIII & 22/45, and features a unique pull ring design to make charging easy for all users.

The charging ring helps improve grip and puts an end to sore and pinched fingers when charging your Ruger® pistol. The ring design allows for easy charging whether the user is left- or right-handed.

TANDEMKROSS Halo Charging Ring for Ruger Pistols

Made of lightweight, aircraft grade aluminum, the “halo” Charging Ring for Ruger® Mark II and Ruger® Mark II 22/45 pistols is ideal for rimfire competition shooters, junior and senior shooters and anyone with smaller hands.

To learn more about the “halo” Charging Ring for the Ruger® MK series, visit www.TANDEMKROSS.com.

TANDEMKROSS Charging Handle for Ruger MKII & MKII 22/45 Pistols
TANDEMKROSS Charging Handle for Ruger MKII & MKII 22/45 Pistols
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Jay Andre

Can you make it square for the Ruger, like the one for the S&W? That looks way better.

Jay Andre

Wish that was out when I had to buy the “Challenger” one. I would not have bought it. This one is way better. As soon as I get a job, and have some extra to spend, I’m buying this one in the stainless, and throwing the Challenger one away!! The same thing happened to me when I bought my Ruger Mark III Hunter. A couple of months later the Mark IV came out!! The Mark III is a royal pain in the ass to break down!! Even with that kit from some company whose name eludes me now. It makes… Read more »


That thing would be great for ‘dry fire’ practice. Just tie a string through the loop and give it a yank before each trigger pull. LOL

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I have had three surgeries on my left wrist, two on my right plus trigger finger repairs due to thirty years on an assembly line and working construction part time. Unfortunately my wrist/hands have become pretty damn weak and some day when I get even more arthritic I may need to install a product like this on my semi autos. Good to know a product is available for people that are challenged when it comes to racking their slides.


I have had my MK’s for YEARS, and have NEVER had any problems when charging the pistol. No sore fingers, no pinched anythings.


My Dad uses a can and/or a walker to help him get around….I bet you don’t need one….

Matt in Oklahoma

I’ve got a similar device different brand for my Glock and it works great. I use it primarily for my wife who has lupus and when I teach classes to people who have compromised grip strength issues.