This week on America Outdoors Radio – December 03, 2016

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USA -( We’ve got a great show for you this week covering fishing, hunting and even a little mountain climbing.

On the fishing front a number of record fish have been caught across the country in the last few weeks and we’ll tell you about them!

Outdoors writer, TV personality and editor Scott Haugen will tell you all about sheefish, a little known but hard fighting fish he has been catching through the ice near Kotzebue, Alaska.

Speaking of Alaska we’ve got a fascinating story about bowhead whales and how relic sone and ivory harpoon points found in them helped determine the incredible longevity these mammals have.

Turning our attention to hunting we’ll talk to John McAdams with Big Game Hunting Adventures.

He’s got some incredible safaris available in South Africa and Mozambique along with some serious big game hunting opportunities in Washington State and the far north reaches of British Columbia.

Pennsylvania guide and author Michael Huff joins us again to tell us more about those incredible predators known as coyotes and we’ll also share the story of Seth Alexander, a young hearing impaired man who recovered his hearing through a cochlear ear implant and has now taken up the sport of mountain climbing.

He’ll tell you about the big western peak he summited this summer and more!

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