This Week on ‘Eye On The Target’ Radio – Author Chris Bird

Surviving a Mass Killer Rampage by Chris Bird
Surviving a Mass Killer Rampage by Chris Bird
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USA -( Join Rob and Amanda; a brother and sister team that is not just radio hosts. They are shooters, historians, gunsmiths, trainers and all around gun folks.

They bring a weekly show on two stations FM station WNIR 100.1 and internet station KRMA Radio.

This week’s submission for Eye on the Target Radio is showcasing the hour where we talk to Author Chris Bird of the book Surviving a Mass Killer Rampage, when seconds count, the police are still minutes away.

But remember – there are 5 hour of gun radio per week that you can access from the podcast website.

This week’s show is at the archive link where the discussion involves the Columbus Ohio attack that was initially stated as an active shooter, but was really an attack involving a car, and a knife.

How does one get prepared to respond – what options do you have and what should you do? Chris Bird shares his considerable knowledge with Rob and Amanda.


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Surviving a “Mass Killer Rampage”
Well, I carry my little friend with 17 anti-personnel rounds in it including the one in the chamber, I know how to draw it from under my blouse, how to aim and how to fire accurately; let me see; Two to the center of mass and one to the head.
Thanks US Army for all that firearm training !!

US Army


I support our police completely. But, stay alert, stay armed, practice. The police can only show up after your dead.