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Rob Campbell Eye on the Target radio
Rob Campbell Eye on the Target radio
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‘Eye on the Target’ radio logo

USA -( Join Rob and Amanda; a brother and sister team that is not just radio hosts. They are shooters, historians, gunsmiths, trainers and all around gun folks.

They bring a weekly show on the FM station WNIR 100.1 and its all available both live and archived.

The show Eye on the Target Radio is an interactive Question and Answer radio discussion about guns. With the inclusion of a live call-in audience, you never know which direction the show may take.

Available live on Sundays at 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. eastern time at online using the listen live button. Or afterwards you can access up to 5 years of show history using the archive/podcast button.

This week’s show is available at the archive link, where the discussion involves the results of the listener shoot off challenge.

The famous Bushman challenged Amanda to a shoot off, because men naturally ( in his opinion) shoot better than women. I was to name the time and the place.

We did, and the shoot was titled the Full Metal Jack-Ass Challenge. Listeners showed up and brought donations for the local food bank.

Levi’s took an a ‘no thank you and your gun, please stay out of our stores’ stance. What will you do with that info? Boycott or buy?

Amanda Suffecool Eye on the Target radio
Amanda Suffecool Eye on the Target radio

Discussion ensued about 25 acp revolver that was seen in a store – was it real? The announcement of the concealed carry fashion show, and the A&E’s Viceland documentary that is going to be filmed of it.

We wrapped the final portion of the show with discussion on the UN Small Arms Trade Treaty and its current status. Military folks do not have to take ccw classes in Ohio if they are within 3 years of leaving the military.

Is that a benefit, or does it leave them lacking knowledge? No on how to carry, not on gun safety, but more … are they missing when to shoot and when to run?

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