Three Terrorist Attacks, Three Different Countries

An unnamed gunman shouts after shooting the Russian Ambassador to Turkey, Andrei Karlov, at a photo gallery in Ankara, Turkey, Monday, Dec. 19, 2016. A Russian official says that the country's ambassador to Turkey has died after being shot by a gunman in Ankara. (AP Photo/Burhan Ozbilici)
Turkish policeman kills Russian Ambassador : An unnamed gunman shouts after shooting the Russian Ambassador to Turkey, Andrei Karlov, at a photo gallery in Ankara, Turkey, Monday, Dec. 19, 2016. A Russian official says that the country's ambassador to Turkey has died after being shot by a gunman in Ankara. (AP Photo/Burhan Ozbilici)
Newt Gingrich
Newt Gingrich

USA – -( In recent days, there have been three deadly terrorist attacks in three different countries.

In Jordan, ten people were killed (a Canadian woman among them) and 34 were wounded in an attack on a crusader castle which is a popular tourist destination. Seven of the dead were Jordanian security forces fighting to defeat the terrorists. The fight started in an apartment building after the landlord reported that the men had explosives. One policeman was killed there, and the four gunmen fled 30 miles to the castle, where there were tourists and where the terrorists could hide behind the thick walls.

Only quick action by the Jordanian police saved a lot of other lives.

In Turkey, a policeman killed the Russian Ambassador during the opening of an exhibit of Russian paintings. The attacker yelled that this was in revenge for Aleppo and shouted passages from a Hadith favored by Islamists. The terrorist-policeman was admitted to the exhibit by showing his security badge (much like in my novel Treason, in which security services secretly loyal to Islamic supremacists undermine American security).

Also, in Turkey, a shot was fired outside the United States embassy in Ankara. The State Department has announced additional security precautions.

In Berlin, an attacker drove a truck into a popular Christmas market next to the Berlin Zoo and killed twelve people while injuring about fifty others. Chancellor Merkel described it as an act of terror.

These events are all reminders that while the American news media obsessed over a possible electoral college revolt which did not take place (Clinton actually lost more electors than Trump), the terrorists grew stronger and more widespread.

The new Trump Administration will have to develop a completely new strategy if we are to defeat those who want to destroy us.

These three attacks in three different countries are reminders of the cancer that is growing. And of course, none of this includes the violence of Syria, Iraq, Libya, and Somalia.

The world is becoming more dangerous as our media becomes more frivolous.

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    2. “…In Turkey, a policeman killed the Russian Ambassador…

      This was an assassination, not “terrorism.” The Ambassador was not an innocent, non-combatant.

    3. This was a false flag. attack. If we use our common sense and look at the picture, we can see that there is NO BLOOD and the victim is on his back. People who get shot in the back 4 times should fall on their face. It’s physics and logic. Also, with 4 shots there should be a large puddle of red stuff under him. When are people going to quit believing everything they see, hear and read?

      1. How many shootings have you seen? If the person dies instantly the blood will stop pumping therefore no puddle, I self defense I shot a person through the chest no blood. They said that this Ambassador was dead before he hit the ground which means that his heart was already stopped, besides did you take into account that there might have been a large amount of blood in the chest cavity that did not leak out, it does happen.

      2. Did you take into account that the blood was trapped in the chest cavity, besides if death occurred instantly there would not be a large pool, there would be some under him but not the large pool.

        1. @Bandit, yes, it is so. When the heart stops the hydraulics stop. As for falling forward of backward, the physics of moving target, bullet velocity, and other factors are hard to predict.

    4. The lesson learned here is that toppling ‘dictators’ creates more problems in the rest of the World than it cures in the Middle East. And Bashar Assad, one of the last of them, still remains in power in Syria. Thanks Hillary and Kerry!

      1. Contrary to what the media reports Assad was an ally of the US and Israel. The rebels attacking the Shiite country of Syria are Sunni ISIS trying to overthrow Syria and convert the Shiites to Sunni. For 1200 years the Sunni and Shia sect have been killing each other over a difference in religious doctrine. Syria and Jordan both are secret allies of Israel. They have a nonaggression pact with Israel.

        1. An ongoing true legacy of their “peaceful religion”. Actions or lack there of convey the true intent, beliefs and spirit of a Human. The greatest lie told by Satan to God was that Satan was God. A mentally ill cancer that has been propagating upon our Earth and killing our basic lifeforce for centuries.

      2. No one has yet given a VALID reason why “Assad must go”. Nor any basis for the practice of our US government deciding which regmies must be changed, and which we will uphold. Let’s see. Egypt, Libya, Ukraine, Syria.. the most recent ones. going back further, we see Haiti, DOmoinican Republic,Philippines, Colombia, Venezuela, Cuba, Guatemala, El Salvador, Chile, Panama, Granada, Saudi Arabia, several of the Balkan contries, Afghanistan, Pakistan, …. WHY do we insist on being the planet’s cop?

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