Washington DFW Extends Application Deadline for Master Hunter Groups

Hunters Hunting Orange Shotguns
Hunters Hunting Orange Shotguns
Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife

OLYMPIA, Wash. -(Ammoland.com)- The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) has extended the deadline to apply for membership on the department’s Master Hunter Advisory Group through Jan. 13, 2017.

Dave Whipple, WDFW hunter education division manager, encourages certified master hunters in Washington – especially those in regions 1 and 3 on the east side of the state – to apply for six positions on Master Hunter Advisory Group coming open next year.

The initial application period ended Dec. 15.

“We have received a number of applications from western Washington, but there were few east side applicants,” Whipple said. “The advisory group is designed to represent master hunters statewide.”

The 15-member volunteer group advises WDFW on issues and opportunities affecting master hunters and the Master Hunter Permit Program. Five newly appointed members will serve three-year terms, and one will serve a one-year term.

All appointees must retain their certification status during their entire term.

The group’s bylaws state that at least two advisory group members should reside within each of the six WDFW administrative regions.

Applicants for membership on the advisory group are asked to explain 1) why they want to be a Master Hunter Advisory Group member, 2) what qualifies them to be a member, and 3) how they can help achieve the group’s goals.

Letters of interest must include contact information (phone numbers, email address, mailing address, county of residence, and include permission for WDFW to conduct a criminal background check, at no cost to them.

The letters should be sent to Tracy Loveless at [email protected] or to the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, Wildlife Program, Master Hunter Section, Attn: Tracy Loveless, 600 Capitol Way North, Olympia, WA 98501-1091.

Interested master hunters are advised to thoroughly review the Master Hunter Permit Program webpage.

The application process is open to all certified master hunters in good standing. After letters of interest are reviewed, candidates may be contacted and interviewed by current members of the advisory group.

The Master Hunter Advisory Group meets at least four times per year, usually in Ellensburg. Members serve as volunteers and do not receive direct compensation, but mileage reimbursement is provided by WDFW to attend meetings.

Members can expect to donate 75 to 100 hours of their time annually.