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USA -(Ammoland.com)- Be sure to get by booth 2253 lower level at this year’s SHOT Show and get a good look at some incredible high-quality near high-custom level knives at production prices.

White River is now recognized by the knife industry as one if not the best quality knife production makers in the country. This is reflected by their being contacted to produce special series knives for many prestigious media and industry sources.

White Rivers’ researched and special serious use survival knife available in three lengths.

You will be impressed at their quality and the materials they use. Their hand finished and leather honed knives, materials, sheaths and even the paper and ink in their catalogs are all U.S. produced!

And this family of knife makers (they left the other craftsmen and employees back in Michigan-two shifts, 7 days a week to do the “real” work) is really a nice bunch of people.

Be sure to go by booth 2253 lower level at SHOT and meet John Sr. Susan, John Jr. and Matt at their booth–a meeting you will enjoy and you will get some good editorial stuff on some new neat knives.

Booth 2253 lower level at this year’s SHOT Show.


About White River Knife & Tool:

Excellent knives, made in the US – With great materials and workmanship, we offer custom made knives at competitive prices.

For more information, visit their website.

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Dennis K Paul

Great made in the USA they look very nice and we’ll made.If you are looking for a fixed blade knife check this one out I know I will.