The World Needs More Energy!

Poor countries have a right to use fossil fuels and will no longer let anyone stop us
Poor countries have a right to use fossil fuels and will no longer let anyone stop us.
Steven Lyazi
Steven Lyazi

U.S.A.-( Our planet is blessed with abundant resources that can generate enormous energy, provide raw materials for wondrous technologies, and build modern homes, roads and other structures – to support every man, woman and child on this earth. But, can and will political powers make them available to the people who need them?

Of all these resources, energy is the most important. Nothing happens without energy.

For most of mankind’s history, human or animal muscle, wood and animal dung, water power, and plant or animal oil provided our energy. But the amount and quality of that energy was limited, and therefore what people could do was also limited.

Then, almost suddenly, people began using coal, and then oil, natural gas, hydroelectric and nuclear power. Our abilities, and our dreams, began to reach for the heavens – at least in many countries. Sadly, many other countries lagged far behind, and many still do.

They are held back, condemned to continued energy poverty – and thus to real poverty and the diseases, malnutrition and desperation that go with that absence of modern energy. This is partly because many nations are governed by incompetent, corrupt leaders, who care only about enriching themselves, their families, and their close friends, allies and supporters.

But it is also because callous, imperialistic people in rich countries use exaggerated, imaginary or phony environmental concerns and fake disasters to justify laws, regulations and excuses not to let poor countries use fossil fuels or nuclear power or develop their economies.

They tell us we should only use renewable energy. They say nuclear power is dangerous, and oil, gas and coal are dirty and cause dangerous climate change. They don’t seem to think or care about the poverty, diseases and starvation that we suffer because we do not have fossil fuels.

And when they talk about renewable energy, they mean the very limited energy – and economic growth – that come from wind and solar power, or from growing crops for energy instead of to feed our hungry people. They even oppose hydroelectric power for poor nations.

They are rich and well fed, enjoying amazing homes and jobs and technologies in their modern countries. But they tell us poor Africans (and other people) that we must limit our energy and dreams to whatever can come from expensive, insufficient kinds of energies to serve our large and growing populations. This is greedy and selfish, the kind of attitude of people who only think of themselves.

Yes, they use renewable energy, but only a little.

Almost all their energy still comes from oil, gas, coal, nuclear and hydro power. Only a tiny amount comes from wind, solar or biofuels – that they say should be our only sources of energy.

They have money and power, and they can influence what happens to us. But they are causing massive poverty, disease, starvation and death in third world countries.

I support clean energy and don’t want to see dangerous global warming. I agree that everyone should help ensure that we live in a clean environment. Everyone wants that, and to see their children and grandchildren living in a clean environment.

But that does not mean we should accept more poverty. It does not mean these rich, powerful people should be able to take away our right to live. It does not mean they have a right to put make-believe scare stories in our papers, on our televisions and radios, and on the internet.

It does not mean they should invent claims that our planet is boiling and we are causing droughts and floods – and so we should throw away coal and other cheap energies that we need to survive.

Maybe they are right, and humans are warming the earth or changing the climate – a little. But our weather and climate has always changed, and the world was even warmer during the dinosaur era than it is today. The world was much colder during the ice ages, when there was no human activity. Climate change has been going on for millions of years ago, but that doesn’t mean today’s changes are because of humans or will be disasters.

Environmental agencies and groups say the world is changing and try to tell us what to do to prevent these changes, which they say will all be bad. But getting rid of poverty and disease is also a big change that would be good for all of us, and cannot happen without fossil fuels.

We’ve all been scared to death by horror movies, especially films that are just plausible enough to make us think it could happen. But when these movies (or computer models) are used to scare us away from fossil fuels, that is wrong and we should not be frightened.

What these rich country’s movie actors, politicians, regulators, scientists and activists forget is that our planet and environment have existed for millions of years. The world has changed over and over, and will continue to exist either with or without human interference.

But we humans have to live here too.

Denying people their right to use fossil fuels is the worst thing someone can do to a fellow human. Western powers developed massively due to cheap fossil fuels and today live like kings. They have no right to deny their living standards to people in developing countries.

Who invented the terms “developing countries” or “third world countries” anyway”? All countries have been developing at some point. In fact, they are always still developing, all the time.

Africa Electricity
But we humans have to live here too.

The only wrong interpretation is to say “third world countries” do not have a God-given right to use all their energy, minerals and other resources to develop themselves, and get rich, create good jobs for their people, end poverty and disease, and grow enough food to make everyone well fed and healthy.

In fact, here is a thought for all African leaders: A collective mindset supporting development will make Africa as great as any other region on earth. We all just need to unite around this idea.

The recent United States elections disappointed many people, but made many others happy. To me, they may be a very good thing. They might mean the new President Trump will be a good leader for the entire world. He might make more people question these claims that fossil fuels cause dangerous global warming – and encourage everyone to use more oil, gas and coal to improve our lives, until smart people someday discover different energy sources that really do work.

We all desire to be healthy and live better lives, just like people in developed countries. Yes, we have had greedy, selfish leaders in the past who might have contributed to our status today. But we can and must learn from our mistakes, and Mr. Trump wants to correct his and Mr. Obama’s mistakes.

African and other countries need abundant energy for economic growth. They need all kinds of energy, especially fossil fuels, to become modern and make people’s lives better.

Anyone who tries to prevent us from using these energy resources is denying us our right to improve our lives, and even our right to live, which is the most fundamental right of any human. That is wrong and immoral, and we will no longer tolerate it.

About Steven Lyazi:

Steven Lyazi is a student and worker in Kampala, Uganda. He served as special assistant to Congress of Racial Equality-Uganda director Cyril Boynes, until Mr. Boynes’ death in January 2015.

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Stephen C. Gregory

I’m not smearing anyone. The issue at hand that Mr. Lyazi addressed was not being discussed, only the spelling and sentence structure of the 1st commentor. It lent nothing to the discussion at hand. The whole of the population of a country should be able to benefit from the natural resources within its borders. That they all can’t is at issue. How is it that this situation can be changed without external nation-building efforts which have, of late, all backfired? Additionally, I damn sure did not vote for the educated elite to control my life here in the US, so… Read more »

Wild Bill

@Stephen C. Gregory, No one has accused Stephen C. Gregory of anything. Gil, however, frequently lays down obvious liberal propaganda on this site, and has established his own reputation as a useful idiot for the Democrat party. Thus, Mr. Lyazi’s article is not the only issue, here. Although he has no credentials nor made any sacrifice on behalf of the American people, Gil thinks that what ever he says makes his statements true. I merely point out the errors in his logic, and his incomplete attempts at communication. I am sure that none of this applies to you, so just… Read more »


Well face it;
“GIL” is nothing more than an ignorant left winger troll and total moron who comes here to spew his load of bull droppings on subject where he is completely ignorant; Sounds like there are a bunch of liberal sycophants on the left here who want to smear Wild Bill.
Back to your knees behind hillary trolls.

Gene Ralno

This subject always gives me gas.


Well written and said Mr. Lyazi.

Randall Anderson

Wild Bill must work for ABC, not since the election I have seen a simple, logical stament dissected, taken out of context and twisted so fast. Gil, so true. I However,let’s not forget these third world con tries have smoe thing we don’t, the ability to more quickly adapt to rapid changes to thire external environment. Long story short, all countries should have what America had. Anything, they can, dig, or buy should be theirs. It is their God give RIGHT!!! If I am living in a marsh, in a bamboo hut… So what? Global warning happens, I move my… Read more »

Wild Bill

@Randall Anderson, Nope not ABC. I did all my work on behalf of the American people, frequently overseas. I am no longer part of the labor force. As to the dissection: my objection to Gil’s argument is this why should a person with only a minimal knowledge of English, logic, and no proven facts lecture anyone on any topic. Get educated, and show some respect for one’s audience, and then I will be glad to entertain his argument.

Randall Anderson

LOL, must be an English Major! Sounds more like academic elitism to me, how does his message have any indication to his level of education? What are you the worlds editor? It is the thought behind the words, not the words! You see? That is exactly why the main stream media fails so often…the thoughts not the words.
Know matter the work you did for the American people you sound like main stream media to me. Get life Democrat!

Wild Bill

RA, If you fail to express your thoughts correctly, then no one will have any idea what you are writing about. For example: You may wish to express the though, “Let’s set up to eat, grandpa!” Instead you convey to your readers, “Let’s set up to eat grandpa!”
Saying that what ever you write or however you want to punctuate is ok because you wrote it is disrespectful to your readers. As the author of a book or paragraph the obligation to convey the thought properly is on you.


How ironic then that Global Warming will affect poor people more so than wealthy people as poorer people to live in already warm climates.

Wild Bill

@Gil, “… poorer people to live in already warm climates.” What kind of English is that? ” … will affect poor people more so than wealthy people…” What kind of logic is that? Last I checked, poor people and wealthy people lived on the same planet. “…poorer people to live in already warm climates.” Do you mean to imply that wealthy people only live in cold climates? Note to secretary: place appropriate insult here.

Stephen C. Gregory

Well, you really solved their problems with your spelling and grammar checks. I’m sure the input was appreciated.

Wild Bill

@Stephen C. Gregory, And equally important are the checks on his poor logic.

Ronald Wright

The ONLY word missing in Gil’s statement is: TEND. They tend to live in already warm climates.