13 Year Old Shot & Killed After Pulling BB Gun on Police

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CPD Chief Kim Jacobs holds an image of the BB Gun recovered at the scene. (WCMH)
CPD Chief Kim Jacobs holds an image of the BB Gun recovered at the scene. (WCMH)
Bob Irwin
Bob Irwin

USA –-(Ammoland.com)- NBC News 4 reported 9-15-2016 a Columbus, Ohio, that around 7:45 p.m. Officers responded to an armed robbery call near the corner of South 18th Street and East Capital Street.

The victim told Officers a group of individuals approached him. One had a gun and demanded his money. The victim apparently refused and the suspects fled. Responding Officers in the area saw three men matching the description in front of 33 Hoffman Street and tried to talk to them.

Two of the men then ran away and officers followed them to an alley behind 27 Hoffman Street. When officers tried to take those two into custody, one of the suspects pulled out a gun.

One of the officers fired and hit the 13 year old suspect. He was taken to Children’s hospital and pronounced dead around 8:30 p.m.

The handgun was later determined to be a BB gun fitted with a laser sight.


Kids with fake guns again. Hopefully the threatening suspect will survive for the Officers mental well-being. These cases are really tough. If your life is apparently in danger, you have no choice but to fire.

There is no winning this type of engagement.

Some jurisdictions are reacting to these incidents by trying to outlaw toy guns. Liberal idiots believe the problem is the toys rather than lack of parental guidance and supervision.

Bob Irwin, The Gun Store, Las Vegas

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First I am puzzled as to how a 13-year-old boy is identified as a man, unless of course he stands at least 5 1/2 feet tall and weighs in the neighborhood of 150 pounds in which case he might be mistaken for a small man but most 13-year-olds don’t come close to having the physical size to warrant being identified as a man. As a gun owner and a gun advocate who enjoyed playing Army, and cops and robbers, and cowboys and Indians when I was a child see one very big problem here; this BB gun is entirely too… Read more »


Chuck, try to put this shooting in perspective: A FELONY HAD BEEN COMMITTED BY THREE SUSPECTS, TWO OF WHOM WERE ADULTS. All three hoodlums fled, and the one who chose to stand and fight brandished what, according to the investigators, was a FIREARM. During my training, I learned that deployment of an electronic, chemical, impact, cutting or stabbing weapon IN A CRIME SCENE gives me justification for the use of deadly force. LEOs do not have the luxury of asking for proof of age, or status of a device as a pellet gun during a confrontation. It may sound selfish,… Read more »


well chuck i can make a case for being identified as an adult at 13. i stood 5′ 9″ and weighed in at 150 lbs at that age, was 5’11” and 165 by 14. i grew up on a farm so i had the benefits of good food, but many of my friends where of a similar size at that same age. that being said, i and my friends, were also taught form an early age even toy guns can be mistaken for real when you are moving fast and pellet/bb guns can cause serious injuries too. we were also… Read more »


Long before I turned 13, I was absolutely aware that pulling a gun, or a look alike that can’t be differentiated from the real thing on a Police Officer was a really bad idea that would most likely lead to not breathing again….ever. Lack of parenting, common sense and just plain ignorance are a deadly combination.


Funny how the media is so focused on “it was a 13 year old with a BB gun” and conveniently gloss over that this kid just tried to do an armed robbery.


Seems like ‘natural selection’ manifests itself more often in the shallow end of the ‘gene pool’ but let’s blame something or somebody else. LOL


Seems that town, Columbus, have a rather high crime rate… and in any place in Ohio, that is NOT because its a gun free zone, as carry is lawful in that state, permits easy to get if you are not “disabled”, and state law preempts local in spite of what Cleveland’s resident idiots would prefer. SO… there must be some issues with this Head Copper’s “methods” for upholding the laws, dealing with issues, etc in Columbus. Instead of railing on the inanimate object the punk’s bigger pal probably put him up to packing, why not get smart and DEAL with… Read more »

Herman Bass

Poor little ******. Guess he won’t do that again!



The libtard mayor of Columbus immediately blamed guns, real and replica. Lawyers for the perp’s family called it a murder. Vigils were held, protests were staged and nobody pointed out that the kid made a bad choice to attempt a robbery with two older punks. One of them (19 yr old) has apparently been arrested. I stopped Googling there.


should be charged wiht the capital murder of his pal and partner in crime. Funny they have the 13 year old packing the heat. If HE gets busted with the heater it will disappear when he turns 18. Except that this time that can’t happen because he WON”T TURN 18. If the 19 year old gets popped with that thing, he’s a felon for life. Looks like, if the COlumbus PD and DA do their bit, he will be anyway. That kid is dead because of this one. And dead for precisely the same reason Trayvon Martin is dead.. and… Read more »

Ol' Vet

Remember that “Mad Dog” Mattis said the news people gave him that tag and not his Marines.


“Hopefully the threatening suspect will survive for the Officers mental well-being.” The story says he was pronounced dead at 8:30 P.M.


But he’ll be back in 2020 to vote for whatever Communist/Socialist/Democrat who runs against Trump – I gua-ran-damn-tee! (Frankly, I would prefer General “Mad Dog” Mattis as a candidate).


Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. A 13 year old should know better, apparently on his way for street cred as a thug, didn’t work our so good for him. Another life wasted trying to be cool… he could have been a doctor and save lives.


I feel very bad for the officer having to take a human life is never an easy thing to have to do but he did what he had to do and was trained to do. All the blame for the ending out come falls on the kid and his parents for apparently the way he was raised with a total lack of respect. How long is it going to be until his parents get a blood sucking attorney and try to make the officer the fall guy and blame him for the death wake up mom and dad it’s your… Read more »


Rick, it’s just a matter of time until some scum-sucking ambulance chaser convinces the parents (is there even a father figure in the picture, or just a sperm door?) that there is easy money to be had from the Columbus PD. The USA is the most litigious society in the world, especially when the plaintiffs are from minority groups. How about some REAL justice in civil court for a change, huh?

Larry Royer

Respect! Kids are not taught Respect, just read the news. RAY LEWIS doesn’t respect the will of the people. He forgets he works for the people , the people don’t work for him or his agenda .


When I went on patrol, I NEVER forgot that William Bonney (aka “Billy the Kid”) was thirteen when he began murdering his victims. Too many LEOs die because they hesitate to take action due to the VCA’s tender age, sex or ethnicity. Unless the LEO has developed a psychological set to defend himself, in contravention to America’s “touchy-feely” political correctness, he my die on duty. We learned this harsh lesson from female and youthful Viet Cong. I guess Jorge de Santayana was spot-on when he stated, “Those who are unwilling to remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

Jim Macklin

It certainly is the parents fault. Children must be taught responsibility. Children from age 3 months until taught have a natural motive; see, want, take. Every parent knows that kids take the toy away from their brother or sister. It begins with te oldest taking the younger’s toy or food. The older child is soon taught by the parents to not take, but to share. Parents punish by tone of voice or a gently finger tap. Parents who beat their children teach something else. The “Gun Culture” teaches responsibility. Maybe that is why the anti-gun people are against the gun… Read more »


Well put.

The Rifleman

Perhaps that true, or at least to some extent. However, there’s one old saying that definitely still applies, “you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make them drink!”

Wild Bill

, I agree, but I like to refer to us as “the family of responsible gun ownership”.


I thought it obvious that you’re going to initiate a quick draw you actually have a gun. Either that or it was suicide by cop.

Dave Eckart

“Quick draw”? “Suicide by cop”? I find it intriguing that someone like you, who is enshrouded in fantasy land, has the compunction to post such non-sense in a gun rights forum. Any unholstering of a weapon must be “quick” and assured. There is no “quick” draw as opposed to unquick draw. How you could entertain the idea that a thirteen year old criminal is looking for death by police officer is beyond me. I can’t imagine how you come up with the ideas in your posts.

robert dean penny

if you pull anything while being pursued by police you INVITE THEM TO SHOOT. you head is in the mud.

Dave Eckart

Robert, I wasn’t debating the actions of the decedent were stupid, just not “suicide by cop”. He was a criminal running away from a crime scene, in which he brandished a weapon. The fact the weapon was a bb gun is irrelevant. He wasn’t the brightest bulb to begin with.


Too true. Well stated.


that’s that Gill critter again….. spewing his nonsense. Best ignored most times. HOW does he come up with these ideas? Most likely has them rattling round within his punkin haid, and is paid as a troll to waste time on fora like this.