The Bergara LRP Elite wins TheTruthAboutGuns.Com’s Reader’s Choice Award for 2016

Bergara Awarded Reader's Choice Award
Bergara Awarded Reader's Choice Award

Lawrenceville, Ga. ( – Bergara Rifles, a division of BPI Outdoors, is pleased to announce its Bergara LRP Elite has won TheTruthAboutGuns.Com’s Reader’s Choice Award for the best new rifle of 2016.

“We think these awards are meaningful because our editorial staff have nothing to do with them beyond tabulating (reader’s) votes. Manufacturers can’t pay to play here. They just have to make great new products and let the results speak for themselves,” said Tyler Kee, writer for

In addition to winning the Reader’s Choice Award, the Bergara LRP Elite received a rare perfect five out of five stars in its performance review. Tyler Kee, the reviewer, had this to say about the rifle, “It should come as no surprise that their LRP Elite is an absolute hammer … an out-of-the box tack driver. Beyond that, the Bergara is miles ahead of the rest of the factory options when it comes to final fit and finish … the moving pieces slid together and locked up like the pieces in a finely-built German sedan.”

The award was presented to Bergara by at the 2017 SHOT Show where it was proudly displayed in its booth for the duration of the show.

“We we’re thrilled to receive the reader’s choice award. We put out the highest quality rifles on the market and do it for a price point that mere mortals can actually afford. We’re glad to see that gun guy’s and gal’s recognize and appreciate that,” said Nate Treadway, CEO of BPI.

Bergara LRP Elite
Bergara LRP Elite

Bergara LRP Elite Specifications:

Calibers: .308 Win., 6.5 Creedmoor, 6mm Creedmoor

Weight: 11 lbs

Magazine: AICS Detachable 5 Round (10 Round Optional)

Trigger: Timney® 517 Flat

Barrel Length: 20” in .308, 24” in 6.5C, 26” in 6MMC

Barrel Taper: # 5

Action: Bergara Premier Short

Stock: Mega® Orias™ with Magpul® PRS Butt-Stock

Brake/Suppressor Mount: Dead Air® Keymount Brake

Rail Scope Mount: 20 MOA Picatinny

Caliber/Twist: .308 Win/1:10, 6.5 Creedmoor/1:8, 6mm Creedmoor/1:8

MSRP: starts at $2,640

To learn more about Bergara, visit

About Bergara Rifles:

Bergara Rifles, headquartered in Lawrenceville, Georgia, combines the world-class rifle barrels manufactured in Bergara, Spain with U.S. high-tech design and functionality in high demand by hunters, target shooters and professionals for the American market.

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