The Cabot Crystal Gun – SHOW Show 2017 Preview

Cabot Crystal Gun
Cabot Crystal Gun
Cabot Guns
Cabot Guns

USA -( Looking for something unique to write about? Here's another first from Cabot Guns, a one-of-a-kind investment grade pistol with handcrafted lead crystal components and case on display at SHOT 2017.

“The Crystal Gun is a work of glass art that just so happens to incorporate a Cabpt 1911,” says Cabot Founder and CEO, Rob Bianchin of the fully functional pistol.

The project is the manifestation of an almost year-long collaboration between Cabot Guns and Pittsburgh-based glass artist Brian Engel.

Brian took a sculptor's approach to create the Crystal Gun's glass grips and trigger, starting with a solid block of glass and slowly removing material. He selected optically clear crystal glass for its hardness and clarity, and sliced rectangular discs from the glass block.

He carved the basic shapes of the gun grips and trigger using diamond-embedded brass wheels, then sanded and smoothed each piece into its final shape and size.

The grips' design was inspired by the classic diamond patterns seen on rifle stocks and gun grips. Brian carved the interior of each grip to highlight the material's refractive qualities while keeping a smooth exterior. The trigger's design was sandblasted into the glass.

Cabot Crystal Gun
Cabot Crystal Gun

The grips and trigger were hand polished in several stages. The resulting grips and trigger have a crystal shine, yet withstand the forces of gun fire.

The frame, slide and small parts are crafted from a block of stainless steel and constructed to aerospace tolerances standards employing CNC Machining, EDM Wire, EDM Sinker, CNC Grinding technology, hand fit and hand polished to a mirror finish.

The pistol features Cabot's signature mill engraved Trinity Strip cocking serrations, a rhombus checkered front strap and main spring housing, top slide serrations and a reverse dovetail front sight embedded with a diamond. The pistol is a fully functional firearm.

Cabot Crystal Gun
Cabot Crystal Gun

Perhaps even more impressive than the Crystal Gun is the one-of-a-kind lead crystal gun case made to house the firearm.

Mr. Engel forged the gun case from blue lead crystal which features a french fit recessed cavity to cradle the gun and a glass lid that reads, “In Case Of Emergency, Break Glass”.

The case and pistol will be on display at SHOT. Mr Engel will be on-site and available for interviews during the show to discuss the project.


About Cabot Guns:

Situated in western Pennsylvania, Cabot Guns produces aerospace quality 1911 style pistols that are 100 percent American-made by craftsmen and nano-technologists obsessed with feel, precision and purity. Cabot Guns is located at 300 N. Pike Road, Sarver, PA.

Learn more about Cabot Guns on their website.

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