BB Gun Bandit Shot by Subway Employee

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Calvin Leon Smith, 47
Calvin Leon Smith, 47
Bob Irwin
Bob Irwin

USA –-( Pittsburgh’s Action News 4 reports on 12-23-2016 a would-be robber, armed with a BB gun, where he attempted to rob a Subway restaurant on Pittsburgh’s South Side. He was shot by a Subway employee and then fled with the help of the driver of a getaway car.

The get-a-way vehicle dropped the suspect off at Allegheny General Hospital where he is listed in critical condition. A search for the driver’s car led to a SWAT being sent to a house where two people surrendered peacefully to police and were detained for questioning.

“We believe that they’re connected to the robbery, but at this point that’s under investigation. So we’re trying to determine what exactly happened, put all the moving pieces together,” said Emily Schaffer, Pittsburgh public safety spokeswoman.

Police said the Subway employee has a permit to carry a concealed weapon.

A large shattered window and yellow crime scene tape greeted early-morning customers of the Subway restaurant on Friday.

“We could have been in there. We could have got shot or whatever. We could have been hostages or whatever. I don’t know,” said Marcel Anderson, a customer who arrived after the incident.

“I believe he did what he had to do to protect his co-workers in there, and if there was any customers in there, I’m not aware of,” said a cook at a nearby fast food eatery. “He took care of business. He had to do what he had to do.”

“After my shift is out, I’m going to go over there, talk to him, give him some good kind words of encouragement, so he can keep his head up and stay positive,” said the manager of Asian Fusion Bowl next door.

Pittsburgh police have not released the names of the robbery suspect, later identified as Calvin Leon Smith, 47, who is hospitalized in critical but stable condition, or of the other two people who were detained.


I expect the shooter will probably lose his job or quit due to the publicity and possible retaliation.

It’s probably impossible for him to continue even if he wants too. He’s a hero and saved lives but will now probably endure a complete change in his life.

Reality is not always fair!

Bob Irwin, The Gun Store, Las Vegas

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Ok some are going to focus on the BB gun.and ask was the staff really in any threat of deadly.harm – this will be answered by the simple logic that when your on the receiving end of the robery you really can separate toy from real thus looks like a gin must be considered real – now take a different look at that BB hun – here is a criminal so confident in his own.saftey and dominance in the situation that he chooses a weapon only marginally more effective that his finger – have criminals been given this much freedom… Read more »


There is not a single prosecutor or LEO in the (free) USA* who wouldn’t be happy to state that the victims of the robbery were “in fear for life and limb” when faced with a deadly weapon. If it LOOKS like a weapon, you are justified in using deadly force – period!

* (The preceding message is not valid in NJ, NY, MA, MD, DC, CA, OR, WA and other Bolshie areas)


I keep thinking that this Gil moron/troll can’t get any dumber, but he just keeps proving me wrong.


The laws need to be changed in America, so that the victims of break ins/robberies CANNOT be held in a civil suit by the perpretrator nor his family/next of kin.

It is simply rediculous that a theif/robber/one who intended to do bodily harm to a business or home owner has the right to sue his intended victims when the crime he intended to commit failed/didn’t come out in a positive way for said criminal.

I think our new POTUS Donald J. trump should add this to his “to do list”


Most states, I;m not sure about Pennsulvania, have laws that do just what you describe. FedGov have NO authority to enact such laws, those need to be handled at state level. If your state does not have such laws, don’t live there, and don’t visit. Stand your ground, Castle Doctrine, most states’ self defense statutes, all presume, in cases of self defense, that the intended victim is just that… a victim, a mark, a target. And as such they will not be second guessed when they claim self-defense. In this case, that claim is well justified. In such cases, the… Read more »


As I always say slugs for thugs, well this guy was a thug that received what he was looking for; some hot lead. To bad he was able to leave the scene but he will be going to jail anyway. SLUGS FOR THUGS, and the game goes no, this time it was Subway next time it could be McDonald’s or one of the other restaurants, maybe even one that is a gun free(shooting gallery) you just never know.


Subway is a business to make money and that’s all they care about. Their lawyers will tell you they will most likely be sued (civil suit) by the robber’s family for injury or death (even bigger law suit) of the perp. Depending on the make up of the jury, the cost to Subway for the trial and judgement can run into hundreds of thousands of dollars if not millions. So, from corporate Subway’s perspective it’s always a better ” financial decision ” to let a robbery occur and lose a few hundred dollars, than the massive expense of a law… Read more »


Self defense laws will protect the shooter from legal consequences. He obviously acted in self-defense, and that of his co-workers. Subway’s worst liabilty will likely be some lawyer’s fee to put an end to any civil action brought by the perp or survivors. The individual might be named as co-defendant. If he’s working at SubWay he doesn’t have any deep pockets to dig into. Police will almost certianly charge the perp, my guess is this is not his first such activity. And that BB Gun might well be considered a firearm, and I’ll wager his priors have him in the… Read more »


The employee did EXACTLY what should be done in any robbery attempt… ELIMINATE the perp, it is and was the justice needed at that moment. Employees doing nothing OR just murdering the employees has given the thugs a sense of being safe while robbing a business. Doing nothing to stop the robberies has fertilized the thugs to do even more robberies. Why work for your drug money when you know you can walk into ANY business establishment and take whatever you want while having no fear of retaliation.
Kudo’s to the SubWay employee.


Wrong-o, mate: We instructors advise our trainees to NEVER express a death wish for armed robbers. But (nudge ,nudge – wink, wink) OF COURSE that is the desired outcome! The USA is the most litigious society in the world, with ambulance chasers from the Black Lagoon slithering out to file lawsuits in civil court on behalf of the next-of-kin of the dead VCA, alleging that the survivor is “predisposed to kill.” Never mind that (insert name here) had spent the majority of his 19 years under some kind of custody – he was planning to take a computer course, and… Read more »


If the hero is fired, there should be quite a few business owners who would be proud to hire him. I know I would if I were in a position to do so.

Lloyd Dumas

I hope Mr.Smith survive the gun shot wound and be held accountable for what he did. If he should die from his injury that would be the easy way out and for the guy that shot him May be bothered by taking another’s life. Justice would be that Mr.Smith spend the rest of his days behind bars. Good riddance.


All those children watching “Death Wish” in the day was thinking “why can’t people already do that” grew up, changed the law and made it come true.

RM Molon Labe

The only “Death Wish” was from the robber….Maybe he should look for work…instead of stealing from those who DO…

Robert Thomas

Gil, you POS, STFU.

Wild Bill

@Gil, You have a silly set of assumptions leading to a silly conclusion. You will fool no one here as this audience has too much real world experience to be taken in by you.


The liberal anti-gun troll and total moron spews idiocy as usual.


You have a problem with the movie’s premise that you should have the right to shoot violent criminals, no questions asked?


that MIGHT work if someone has seen the movie. For we who did not, your “response’ is worthless or worse.

Wild Bill

, It is so representative of liberal/socialist/progressives to base their world views on scripted Hollywood movies. They do not know that movie scripts are written and rewritten many times to before Hollywood gets the results that it wants. Nothing in the real world ever happens the way that it does in a Hollywood movie. At best Hollywood movies are mere entertainment, and at worst Hollywood movies are propaganda.