Dana Loesch: Hunters are the true conservationists. Not PETA. 


USA – -(Ammoland.com) – PETA plans to hunt down America’s true conservationists and kill an American tradition. The organization that has been investigated by the FBI for domestic terrorism is ramping up efforts to eliminate hunting.

Dana Loesch joined Grant Stinchfield on NRATV to discuss the impending battle—one which the NRA is prepared to win. “Hunters are the true conservationists. It’s not people like PETA,” said Loesch.

Based on PETA’s successful wars against Ringling Bros. and SeaWorld, the hostile animal liberation group will likely not attempt to make the act of hunting illegal right away, rather it’ll push for bureaucratic overreach that will make the practice increasingly more difficult. “It’s not like the fight we are used to seeing because usually in the past, PETA, or any gun control effort, they will always want to come after federal law makers,” says Loesch. She warns that these organizations have more impact when they start small, which means the battleground will be local.

“People need to be really aware of what’s happening in their statehouse,” Loesch said. “They need to be really aware of what is happening in their town and their jurisdiction and their city council even. You have to engage and be active.”

Attacking hunters is one battle PETA will not win. “PETA needs to back off. If they don’t, we are ready,” said Stinchfield.

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Wild Bill

If Peta got their way, completely, they would not disband. The would ring some other set of constraints to campaign for. Absent their fooling the weak minded, and then begging for donations, they could not hold another job. They hate themselves because they know that they can not meet the world’s minimum standards.


Truthfully and Factually; Hunters and Fishermen contribute and do MORE toward the conservation of animals and fish than PETA which kills dogs in their care and hands NOTHING to the game wardens and others that protect wikd animals.


PETA and their sick ilk want everyone on the planet to eat vegan. Then gummint will easily be able to control the food supply, far more easily than they can now. It all fits in with the UN Agenda 21/30 plot to bring in one world government. They are still mad the commies folded.


PETA really stands for ‘People Eating Tasty Animals.