Dana Loesch’s Epic Response to Shannon Watts’ Attack on her Appearance (VIDEO)


USA – -(Ammoland.com)- Billionaire Michael Bloomberg’s anti-Second Amendment puppet, Shannon Watts, has solidified herself as a self-contradictory internet troll. On Monday, the Mom’s Demand Action Group leader took to Twitter to try and trash NRATV commentator Dana Loesch. But instead of using reasonable rhetoric or even logic, Watts insulted Loesch’s appearance—a move that feminists typically frown upon.

Loesch took to NRATV’s, “Stinchfield,” on Tuesday to scorch the Bloomberg funded fake feminist: “I’m really not gonna’ take fashion points from some former Monsanto PR-hack that lives in a gated community in Zion, Indiana. Really not gonna’ take it. Not with the Jane Jetson haircut,” Loesch fired. “If you are gonna’ focus on my apparel, don’t also then proceed to simultaneously lecture me and the rest of the country about feminism, one day, two days after that whole broads’ march that place in Washington, DC.”



If feminism and the Women’s March are supposed to empower women, then why is Shannon Watts spending her free time bashing their appearances from behind a screen? As Loesch put it, “If you’re talking about my appearance, it’s because I’ve already beat you on substance.”

Watts has been invited to appear on “Stinchfield”  to defend her lies, attacks on a rape-survivor and, now, for insulting Loesch’s appearance. While Watts marched alongside anti-gun celebrities like Julianne Moore and the treasoness Madonna, she can’t seem to muster the courage to march herself onto NRATV for real conversation.


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Dr Timothy-Allen Albertson

Watts is a drug user who needs to take a urine test. Her eyes indicate a cocaine or amphetamine addiction.

Kevin Donohue

This from the lady that Dana sent scurrying off the podium sniveling and crying to her bodyguards in Indianapolis Indiana when we hosted the NRA convention- Why you ask? Because Dana used facts and figures disputing her talking points and when pressed she couldn’t defend her talking points. It was hysterical to hear the first hand account from one of those bodyguards!
Dana ROCKS both in person (book signing in Indy for her new book), and on the radio daily! Meanwhile Bloomberg Bimbo Watts will NOT appear in ANY format to debate the issue.


miss Watts better go home and drink her some super-beets juice! I don’t believe she wants to pick a fight with, “our Girl”, Dana Loesch either mentality and definitely not physically. The lewd, rude and crude leftists elite are, thankfully, a dying “breed”.


She and other hairy leg feminist are nothing more than Misandry in their attitude toward men.


It always warmsthe cockles of my heart when I see a classy Lady rip into a trashy one. This Dana has it all over the Watts creature in every category that is positive. Having observed that Watts thing over these past few years it will be cause for great rejoicing when she finally realises she is selling her soul for a bown of soup…. a bowl that will, sooner or later, run empty. At some point her Sugar Daddy Bloomie will weary of her and she’ll be tossed out like last week’s muck from the old milch cow’s stall. Then,… Read more »


Gotta love Dana…. A pure “10” any way you look OR listen to her…