Deadly Home Invasion Shooting Ruled Self Defense

Bob Irwin highlights the latest self defense and other shootings of the week. Read them and see what went wrong, what went right and what we can learn from self defense with a gun.

 Jarrelle J. Pringle
Jarrelle J. Pringle
Bob Irwin
Bob Irwin

USA –-( The Richmond Times-Dispatch reported 01-05 2017 an Henrico, Virginia an update in a 12/02/2016 case. Police responded about 2:30 a.m. to an apartment in the 5200 block of Lewis Road for a reported shooting. Arriving officers found a man, later identified as an intruder with gunshot wounds, and paramedics pronounced him dead on the scene.

Investigators determined that two armed intruders wearing masks, including the deceased, forcibly entered the apartment with handguns drawn. An occupant that was sleeping on a sofa in the front room had a gun nearby. He fired it in self-defense as the two intruders pointed their weapons at him.

Authorities could not clearly establish the specific intent of the home invasion, although a duffel bag was stolen by the intruders, did not contain any contraband.

The deceased perp was a former football standout who played running back and safety at Glen Allen High School and graduated from the school in 2014. The second suspect, played multiple sports and was a “talented athlete … who took pride in being a quarterback,” according to his obituary. He was the father of three girls, including twins.

This incident also remains under investigation.


A home invasion on a lark? Two guys with everything in the world going well for their futures, get involved in a home invasion……….why?

Perhaps they thought there were valuables in the duffle bag they stole? For whatever reason, they certainly picked the wrong house……..

Bob Irwin, The Gun Store, Las Vegas

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The writer is the owner of The Gun Store in Las Vegas and has a gun talk radio show “Fired Up with Bob Irwin” Firedup is now on KSHP 1400 am radio from 9 to 10 pm on Thursdays and also on YouTube “Fired Up with Bob Irwin.

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Dave Eckart

I recall reading that the dead football “star”, didn’t have the grades to go to college, and without an education nor any marketable skills, turned to the same trade others in his neighbor practice.

I don’t recall the other perp’s story, so I can’t comment on that.

James Bailey

Paul G, Racism? No one in this thread has discussed skin color except you! The terms used here in these comments, has been thugs, criminals, scum, Etc. No one is concentrating on the color of a perpetrator skin, rather the concentration has been all about the actions of the perpetrators! The old Axiom “The only reason for evil men to Triumph is for good men to do nothing.”, is highly pertinent to this discussion. When a criminal is attempting to take your life, the life of another person, or will take your life as he or she attempts to steal… Read more »

Paul G.

Read the post by Peaver Bogart. Sadly, it is NOT unusual on this site!! My horse and I are right where we need to be! Unashamedly proclaiming Christ and His sin pardoning gospel to His enemies who display their hatred of Him by freely announcing their hatred of Blacks and Hispanics who in spite of their crimes still bear the image of God and should still be spoken of accordingly. Even if life must be taken, it should not be spoken of in such trivial terms. It is so sad that this site is used is such wicked ways by… Read more »

Dave Eckart

Paul, I find your assertion that one is a lesser person because one is not a believer in Christ is just as distasteful as the one you proclaim is a racist because of a post you find distasteful. Also, your proclaiming Christ, God, or whatever entity you believe empowers you to judge others and their beliefs is just as despicable as the post you proclaim racist. Lastly, I find your request to repent or face the wrath of God equally distasteful. I am an Atheist, and I believe in morals and ethics. I do not need “belief” in a “higher”… Read more »

Paul G.

Hi Dave, An Atheist is something you most certainly are not! You have demonstrated that by making Jesus into an image of your own liking. That is idolatry!! Jesus tolerates no rivals, and that includes you. To shape Him into your own supposedly tolerating image is absurd and will culminate in Him casting you into outer darkness. Your will is not free, rather you are a slave of sin as Jesus said, Jn. 8:34. This same non-tolerating Jesus also said, that unless you believe that He is God you will die in your sins, Jn. 8:24. It’s the living Christ… Read more »

Dave Eckart

I am not an Atheist? What do you call someone that does not believe in God(s)? Isn’t that the definition of Atheist? I do not believe in a “higher” entity/God(s). I am not a slave to sin, since I do not sin; one, because to sin means one is religious, which I am not; and two, I live a good, moral life. It is somewhat amusing that you believe Jesus was not tolerant when he told his followers that when someone smites one cheek to turn the other. That seems quite tolerant. There is no “living Christ”, so it is… Read more »

Paul G.

Wild Bill, I most certainly will not stop preaching!! Someone has to be a “speed bump ” on this site to be used by the living Christ to rebuke the vile racist comments, and those and devalue human life.
Repent and join the choir or continue under the wrath of the God who made you and to Whom you will give an account Jn. 3:36.

Peaver Bogart

This story, among many more like it just goes to show “You can take the negro out of the jungle, but you can’t take the jungle out of the negro.

Paul G.

Repent of your God hating racism!! Your comment is revolting, and reveals that you do not know God and do not obey the gospel, and therefore it also reveals that you are an object of the wrath of God. When Jesus, the judge of the world returns, you will find yourself of the receiving end of His righteous vengeance unless you repent and find forgiveness in Him.
Jesus alone can take the “jungle” out of your own sinful heart. Read
2 Thes. 1:5-10

James Bailey

My reply to you concerning no discussion of racism in this thread, was posted prior to seeing fever at Bogart’s post. His post is in fact racist.

However the other posts that I read through prior to my response to you, I did not see any racist nomenclature in those posts. Should you have seen any please Point them out to me.

Thank you

Wild Bill

, Yes, what you say is so, but let’s let James Bailey speak for himself. I want to know his mind.

James Bailey

I couldn’t find the replies by Old Vet and Wild Bill so here it is in the general area.

Wild Bill, you’re really overthinking this, trust me! The comparative is easy to discern.

Old Vet, a change in prose must not be too necessary: you clearly understood what I meant by the offering of your suggestion.


Wild Bill

Bailey You previously wrote: “The first amendment is just as good as the second isn’t Bill?” How would I measure that so as to make a decision? I can not weight them in lbs. I can not value them in money. How do I make a comparison? Having studied our Civil Rights for thirty years, I have never stumbled over anyone that viewed each Civil Right in a comparative manner. Help me out.

James Bailey

Wild Bill,

Apparently you believe that one set of civil rights, or that is to say one Amendment to the Bill of Rights is Superior or inferior to another.

The phrase I used what I thought, fairly clear English: as a comparative illustrating the equity and importance of all the amendments, that is pertaining to the original 10.

Like I said before, you are overthinking this far too much!


As I have been saying for how long now (SLUGS FOR THUGS, and the game goes on) well these two thought they would try to get some easy money, now one is dead and the other is behind bars for a very, very long time. Was a lesson learned maybe yes maybe no, they broke into another person’s place and went into the last thing they wanted, they walked into a gun fight and lost, did they learn anything? No one will never do anything ever again the other is wishing they did not do that break in. In this… Read more »

Don DeRose

I am certain both dead perps were “Good kids who were just getting their lives together.”


Another ‘slugs for thugs’ victim. As Albert Einstein once noted, “The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits.” Maybe, just maybe, the other miscreant, I mean, unguided soul, learned his lesson.

Paul G.

Sinners do what they do because they hate the living God and His Son. They express that hate in how they relate to others who also hate God. All of humanity is at war with God and this alone explains its wicked behavior. By repentance toward God and faith in the resurrected Christ, the enemies of God can be made His forgiven friends and citizens of His hate-free and glorious future kingdom! Lay down the arms of your lifelong war against your Maker and raise the white flag of surrender to King Jesus and pardon, a new heart and eternal… Read more »

Wild Bill

G, Ok Brother, you are preaching to the choir. Can’t you find some nice Obama Moslems to spread the word about Jesus’ love to?

Paul G.

Some people who post comments here at are the very people who parade their hatred of Christ by the very things they post. They reveal that hate by asserting things that clearly indicate some form of racism against the Black and Hispanic criminals highlighted in the stories. People also often boast about their self-centered justice by saying things like, “too bad the bad guy lived” or “the defender should take more classes on how to shoot better”, and on and on. They seem to really enjoy the bad guys being put in the morgue, as if they have a… Read more »


Dear; Paul G. You missed quite a bit in your bible class. Please go back and re-read. Jesus did not tell us Christians to lie down and become prey to others, he taught self defence also. Though the loss of human life is bad, most of the thieves are armed or say they are, so yes to stop them any way possible is a good thing, be it through the church or by ending their life. Remember God gives us all the freedom of choice. If a thug of any race, creed, color or nationality makes the wrong choice of… Read more »

Paul G.

I say again, the problem is that I’m not preaching to the choir!
Anyone who has the “slugs for thugs” attitude parades their own depravity. The just taking of life should never be talked about in such shallow terms. The one true and living God has clearly revealed in His Word, that capital punishment is His will in some cases. In fact in the USA, the citizens themselves also play a role the the just executive of criminals because of the freedoms we have here. Read Romans 13:1-7 to see the God ordained role of government.

Wild Bill

Ok, Paul now you really have me confused. You say again, the problem is that you are not preaching to the choir? I see two resolutions: one, find a choir, and or two: stop preaching.

James Bailey

Well I generally agree with your sentiment, you seem to be forgetting one thing: we literally reap what we sow! If those two had not committed a crime, the sin of theft they would not be dead. Further, you’re forgetting the simple fact then in a life-and-death situation most folks would be rooting for the innocent people not for the wicked people. This doesn’t mean we can’t Pray For The Wicked people but that’s after the fact not during the fact! I don’t want anyone dead, but if someone dies during the commission of a crime, criminal dying, I’m sorry… Read more »

James Bailey

The first amendment is just as good as the second isn’t Bill?

Wild Bill

Bailey, what do you mean just as good as? Each amendment enumerates and describes a different set of Civil Rights. What do you mean “…just as good as…?

James Bailey

Your reply to me didn’t show up until I posted in the general area please take a look there.

Lloyd Dumas

I would love to know just what happened in the minds of the two young men. Just what happened to cause them to do such a stupid act. They were armed and ready to take the life of innocent people, they got what was deserving. There is always a story behind every story, given their standings what happened, just curious.


Choices. You have them, and you know what they are. You can choose to get what you want through hard work and effort and earn your place in society, or you can hit the “easy” button and try to take it. My sympathy for these two is zero. They made the wrong choice and learned that there is no such thing as the “easy” button.


another happy ending to a good story. too bad the homeowner did not delete the other individual who was obviously trying to turn his life around.


These two could have had a good life, sports stars sometimes make a good deal of money when they care good at what they do, these two went from good to being thugs, and as I have been saying ( SLUGS FOR THUGS,) these two turned into thugs one was put on the ground the other is going to spend a lot of time thinking about what he did wrong.


Sometimes criminals just happen to be sports stars…..


Wasn’t there an old joke about the first row of seats behind the player’s bench being reserved for their parole officers?