Democrat Threatens to Kick Ass to Keep Hung, a Cop Hating Painting

By John Farnam

Representative Duncan Hunter (R-CA) recently took it upon himself to remove the painting and return it to Clay’s office last week.
Representative Duncan Hunter (R-CA) recently took it upon himself to remove the painting and return it to Clay’s office last week.
Defense Training International, Inc
Defense Training International, Inc

Ft Collins, CO –-( “People with unusually thin skins ascribe small insults, humiliations, and setbacks consequent upon human existence to vast and malign political forces; and, projecting their own suffering onto the whole of mankind, conceive of schemes, usually involving violence, to remedy the situation that has so wounded them.” ~ Marshall Locke

Cedric Richmond (D/LA), chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus, threatened Republicans yesterday with, “We may just have to kick somebody’s ass…”

The threat of violence was prompted by the removal of a controversial painting on display at the Capital. It depicts uniformed police officers as pigs, and was created by a high-school student. The ultimate fate of the painting is currently in limbo.

The painting is, of course, a vile insult to all American police officers, and many think it has no place in our Nation’s capital. We’ve all seen the results of the deliberate “de-policing” of metro areas, like Chicago!

Even so, Congressional Democrats, particularly black ones, may apparently articulate such violent threats with casual impunity, on those rare occasions when they don’t get their way.

Curiously, that privilege is never extended to anyone else!

“Who oppose tyranny through terrorism object not so much to ‘tyranny,’ as such, but to the fact that it is not they who are exercising it.” ~ Again, Marshall Locke


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My money is on Duncan !! I think the loudmouth chairman of the colored caucus bit of more than he can chew. Duncan Hunter has more patriotism in his pinky than that hack, and most of the other members, will ever have. God Bless Mr.Hunter for standing up and fighting for the rest us.

David Phillips
BillyBob Texas

I did, David, and I left a reply there, too:

Something along the lines of a White Southern Congressman hanging a picture of the KKK lynching Blacks in Mississippi in the 1930’s, just as an “art project” of the South during the Depression. Would YOU fight for HIS right to hang that up across from a Black Congressman’s office?

Well, would you, David? You think THAT would be OK? How long do you think it would hang there?

John H

What is this WE crap ?? Does Cedric have a mouse in his pocket ?? Loud mouthed douchebags are real tough when they have paid thugs backing then up !!


All I can think about is all the police unions endorsing the Democrat candidate in every election. Let the painting stay and then the Republican can point to it and this controversy and say maybe there is a different answer to the problem.

Clark Kent

WRONG! Police unions DO NOT endorse Democrats in every election. Get your facts straight.

Old Curmudgeon

As a retired Law Enforcement officer I can tell you that the unions and big city chiefs may endorse the Democrats, but every street cop I know vote Republican. And every one of them is deeply offended by this “painting”. The only place it should be displayed is on a trash heap or maybe my back yard fire pit….

Wild Bill

@OC, How does Clark know what all the police unions do in every election? What a ridiculous attempt at an argument. I’d be highly surprised if Clark knew what even one police union did in one election.


Why the hell is there a Congressional Black Caucus? Is there a Congressional White, Asian, Native American, Latino, etc… Caucus? Why can’t there be Americans? Nice to know CA has some REAL Americans!\, Go Duncan!


Despicable. Recall the SoB.

Wild Bill

@Winston, There is no recall statute. We need recall, term limits, Congress subject to its own statues, and repeal of a lot more than just Oblabla care.

Clark Kent

Term limits are already enshrined in our Constitution. They are called ‘elections’ and are held on a regular basis.

BillyBob Texas

Clay Lacy CANNOT be racist, as he is a Black. Black and racist cannot be in the same sentence, by definition. Don’t believe me?…Just ask them.

Hang the picture of the KKK lynching Blacks…….

Any difference….???

Roy D.

As long as there is a sign stating who placed the painting there I don’t have a problem with it. It tells something about that person and nothing more. Anyone else notice that all the characters in the painting are “persons of color?” Including the”‘police.”

Clark Kent

So you would not have a problem with a anti Jewish painting hanging in the Congress if it was placed there by ISIS? How about a pro pedophile painting placed by J. Fogle (the former Subway pitchman)?

Wild Bill

@CK, Don’t Jewish people look like everyone else? How would you tell them apart in a painting? I don’t think that abridging free speech is the answer. That would be the tyranny of good intentions. Maybe old fashioned “think of how would this impact the other person” manners is the answer.


There is a difference between “free speech” and promoting offensive and degrading materials in the Capitol. The student (or whomever) can paint or say what they want, but that does not obligate anyone to listen, much less to give it a public forum (taxpayer funded, at that). Let the Dems hang it in one of their offices, or let a private exhibitor display it.


If you want to understand Cedric Richmond’s threats you only have to read the text of Malcolm X’s treatise/speech titled “The Ballot or The Bullet”.


If Lacy Clay can hang a hateful untruthful painting then he should not have a problem with the Rebel flag being flown at the Capitol.

Wild Bill

@PP What is gun crime? Do you mean crime and they used a firearm go help them commit that crime?

Pistol Pete

This is racism by Congressional Democrats, particularly black ones, funny how the have become what they claim the fight against.
This is also the reason that 83 Percent of all gun crimes are committed by black men between the age of 13 to 40,
because the black leaders in this country want acknowledge the problem and work to fix it.


I am a Native American / White southern man. Yet I fully agree with Doctor King on this one and so many more in the growing hypocrisy many “black” Americans are spewing. Let’s judge the somehow elected official Cedric Richmond by “the content of his character (and the lack there of in any civil character) and not the color of his skin”. What an amazing solution offered “to kick somebody’s ass” and this guy is an elected official? I am beginning to wonder if the 18% black population in America totally got their way, would we then turn into Africa?… Read more »


Display the confederate flag right beside it; because as Clay stated, in today’s society if one doesn’t like what he/she sees look past it.


Just another part of obama’s Legacy. To all democrats, is this what we want to teach our our kids.
Heck no, take it down and burn it.


Sooooo if someone puts up a painting in the halls of Congress of a ghetto scene with black people drawn as apes and gorillas, that would be OK too? In my opinion it would be just as wrong, just as insulting and should be taken down also.

But I guess this one is allright because bashing cops is in fashion right now.


You beat me to it.