European Commission Update, Citizens Wake Up

By John Farnam

Kalashnikovs Captured Weapons AK Rifles
They wanted to ban all rifles that ‘look like’ ARs and Kalashnikovs, as well as all magazines (rifle and pistol) that hold more than ten rounds.
Defense Training International, Inc
Defense Training International, Inc

Ft Collins, CO –-( “The Sword of Justice has no scabbard” ~ Joseph De Maistre

This update, from a friend and student living in Western Europe:

“A year ago, our ‘European Commission’ introduced yet another anti-gun bill, following Islamic terrorist attacks in Paris and Brussels.

The bill was very bad! They wanted to ban all rifles that ‘look like’ ARs and Kalashnikovs, as well as all magazines (rifle and pistol) that hold more than ten rounds.

Fortunately, we European citizens (finally!) woke up, and thanks to numerous pro-gun lobbies and thousands of citizens letters to MEPs at the European Parliament, we’ve managed to tone-down the bill. We still do not know the final text.

However, we do know these insulated leftists/elitists will never relent, so long as any of us are not completely helpless and defenseless, while terrorists remain heavily armed. We are getting ready for the next legislative battle!

The results of even talk of this bill, combined with our self-imposed state of continuing Islamic terrorism, is that Europeans are now frantically acquiring guns and ammunition, legally and illegally, any way they can, and at all economic levels.

Jewish communities are particularly alarmed, and should be!

Our version of your NRA is ‘Firearms United’ (, and their membership and effectiveness increases by the day!

A friend from the Czech Republic commented:

‘Nazis came, and the very first thing they did was take away our guns. Then, Russians came, and they also took our guns. Now, the European Union wants to completely disarm us, once again. We cannot accept this, particularly after what we have been through in the past.’

The Eastern countries are very much against this bill, and we can see why!

I see nothing good happening here in 2017:

More Islamic migrants, more terror attacks, more rioting, more attacks on our freedom (by our own governments), collapsing economies.

Guns, ammunition, food, water, medicine- that what is now valuable. The rest is futile, once we go south.”


Liberals/leftists are the same, no matter where you find them! They never share in the peril and wretchedness they create for everyone else. From laws, particularly gun laws, they so self-righteously imposes on the rest of us, they always exempt themselves.

Of that you can be sure!

“Leftists are ‘missionaries of unhappiness.’ Their creed is ‘Salvation through Anger.’ Their governing philosophy is to make everyone miserable in order to teach them how they have overlooked the misery of others.” ~ Daniel Greenfield


About John Farnam & Defense Training International, Inc
As a defensive weapons and tactics instructor John Farnam will urge you, based on your own beliefs, to make up your mind in advance as to what you would do when faced with an imminent and unlawful lethal threat. You should, of course, also decide what preparations you should make in advance, if any. Defense Training International wants to make sure that their students fully understand the physical, legal, psychological, and societal consequences of their actions or inactions.

It is our duty to make you aware of certain unpleasant physical realities intrinsic to the Planet Earth. Mr Farnam is happy to be your counselor and advisor. Visit:

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Luiz Almeida

Isto é tudo uma mer*a, a começar pela cee, querem desarmar o povo para o poderem dominar, e já começaram a infiltrar os musulmerdas para que os mesmos possam dominar as nossas e as nossas filhas. Vocês montes de me*da ladrões que vivem há conta do que nos roubam com a vossa ideia de globalização. O dia vai chegar e os vossos amiguinhos musulmerdas ainda vos vão degolar a todos. This is all a piece of sh*t, starting with cee, they want to disarm the people to dominate, and they have begun to infiltrate the Muslims so they can dominate… Read more »


Living in Europe in a country with already strict gun controll we most definitely do not want to lose any further firearms ,we ve already lost centre fire pistols ,as no new licences will be issued,we refuse to lose our semi auto rifles ,we ll fight to the bitter end to hold on to our constitutional right. Europe would love to have us disarmed and at it s mercy let’s hope we have heard the alarm bells ringing


Is it possible that president Donald Trump somehow influence those bolsheviks from European Commision to stop their madness?


It is not, but NRA could help Firearms United with the founding it really needs for our fight. Working together is allways more effective.


Britain woke up and left the EU. Could the reason be that the citizen voters demanded it? Politicians are not complete idiots. They know they can be voted out of a job. The politicians in Britain had no choice but to vote England out the voters demanded it.
I predict it will only be a matter of time before the EU crumbles. The citizens in the various member states are becoming more and more disaffected with the stupidity of the EU hoplophobic leaders.

Ol' Vet

Just for information, the European Parliament don’t have the authority to refuse the European Commission. The commission make the rules and the parliament can scream and cry but don’t have the authority to change any “law” the Commission (unelected by the way) has enacted. They are about as far down the road to submission to the muslime and the communists as any of the rest of the world except perhaps North Korea.

William A. Sell

Why is is it, the Libs are ALWAYS the ones that whimper and cry,
when they are overwhelmed with COMMON SENSE ….?


The liberals and the leftist in the EU are all hoplophobes. They are mentally ill and should never be allowed to be in a position to legislate gun laws. They require counseling and drug therapy to get over their unreasonable fear of guns. Hopolopobia is not yet a classified diagnoses by the medical community and probably never will be. For those of you that are shooters and own firearms and have never heard of hoplopobia. there is a wealth of information on the net about this condition. There is also another condition that is common among hoplophobes called transference. They… Read more »

Webfoot Logger

They are little tin gods who shouldn’t be allowed to legislate anything, or to have any power over anyone.


How did that Troll get on this website?

Wild Bill

@rap, The Hillary presidential campaign admitted to paying trolls to go on conservative websites to make people with conservative opinions feel isolated and impotent. I suspect George Soros, through one or more of his many organizations, is continuing the “pay a troll” campaign.

John westervelt

If that was even true (you leftwing nut job) then why are shotguns sales out the roof in Europe? Then why are there marches in Germany, Italy and France for the people to get thier stolen gub rights back? Heres a litlle info for ya as well. Liberalism leads to socialism.and the leads to communism which leads to facism. It always has and always will. Facism is the voice of control and slavery which the left (your people) created.


The problem is the U.N. quislings are in charge of the European Commission.


You are nothing but a bold face liar.

Europeans don’t want more guns flooding the country.

It was found out the NRA and other American gun right groups that provided weapons to the various terror groups and criminal orgs that want to harm not just us, but the world at larger.

“Gun right” groups are the real fascists.


enslaved citizen

Thanks for the laugh commie!


Choke yourself, weirdo!

Wild Bill

@APAvsAAPG, Hmmm, then why are shotgun sales off the charts in the European countries? And what makes you think that the NRA has the funds to provide guns to terrorists? Where is your proof, if “…It was found out…”?


You and your ilk are exactly what this article is talking about. You are the bold face liar…this is a pro-gun site and we dont need you here telling us how to live and what to believe in. The left is always the first one to scream, racist, fascist, homophobe, anti-semite, etc, etc, etc. when in reality that is what you people are. Get bent, snowflake!


YOU are exactly what the EU and UN want, a genuine gun free terror target. Great for a laugh troll, but totally untrue. We will watch for your beheading in the future on ISIS T.V., when the terrorists find you unarmed, and cowering under your bed.


It was the Dimocraps and Eric Holder who supplied guns to criminal organizations in Mexico and those also filtered on down to terror groups. The Dimocraps through Hillary (the shrill, lying hag) also are the ones that supplied firearms to the ISIS terrorists over in Africa and other mid-eastern countries. Please go get your head flushed and learn the TRUTH and FACTS before spewing like a stopped up toilet.


Patriot, my a**! You suck big time!

The Mechanic

Your little buddy ZERObama is the one providing weapons to the various terror groups and criminal organizations that want to harm not just us, but the world at large. NOT the NRA or any other American gun right groups. TWIT.

Ron H

#AmericanPAtriotsVsAntiAmericanProGunners, In our colonial time, you would have been a Tory, a traitor to the American Revolution. In WWII, you would have been a Nazi collaborator, a traitor to your fellow countrymen. You spew vitriolic lies that would not be supported on most conspiracy blogs. You do not attempt to ascertain the truth before you start to insult and denigrate individuals. Engaging in an animated debate on this site can be fun and educational. On the other hand, you are nothing but a lowlife bottom dwelling, scum sucking, crap eating TROLL! Crawl back into your hole and leave the rest… Read more »


@APAVSAAPG. When is your lobotomy scheduled?? Soon I should hope!!!!!!!!!


get it right….

FASCISM defined: government control of private means of prioduction

If we don’t want fascism, staying armed is a good way to prevent it.

Show your PROOF that NRA have “provided weapons t the various terror groups and criminal orgs….”

Methinks you have confused our own FedGov with the NRA…… reality: they are not the same, and are in fact at this point rather diametrically opposed, particularly on the issue of armed CITIZENS.


I’m European from Slovakia and you are simply liar, commie. I will never give up my guns and I stash as much ammo as I can. And we in Czech republic and Slovakia WANT guns for us, law abiding citizens as we will defend our freedoms and way of life, be it against the EU or muslims. NRA nor any other gun right group provided any weapons to terrorists here. They either used knifes, trucks or explosives or used AKs smuggled from Bosnia or Albania. You sir, are real liar and hater of freedom and liberty. We had people like… Read more »

Pierangelo Tendas

I am a European (born, raised, living and working in Italy), I am a supporter and founding member of FIREARMS UNITED, and I want more guns in the right hands. Same about more Europeans. They want more legal guns. Less illegal firearms like those that enter our Union through our vastly uncontrolled borders from the Balkans, northern Africa, the Middle East.

So yeah, go eat a bag of… well, I assume I don’t have to specify more.

Regular Guy

Is this guy for real? Get a grip on reality you weird donkey


Get rekt stalinist swine.