FAB Defense Introduces AR-Podium at SHOT Show 2017

FAB Defense Introduces AR-Podium
FAB Defense Introduces AR-Podium
FAB Defense
FAB Defense

USA -(Ammoland.com)- FAB Defense will introduce the AR Podium at SHOT Show in Las Vegas. The AR-Podium changes the bi-pod position by incorporating the bi-pod into the pistol grip.

The AR-Podium is cutting-edge, in that it moves the fulcrum point back to just forward of the pistol grip.

Urban fighting situations require the shooter to engage targets at increased angles because of buildings, structures and other obstacles.

The AR-Podium enables the operator to install a steady bi-pod on the gun without adding front-end weight and saves valuable rail space. Installation is quick and easy, no gunsmithing required.

The bi-pod is easily deployed with the main shooting hand with the push of a button, without having to alter the grip on the weapon, or lose sight of the target.

Plus, the AR-Podium includes the AGR-43 pistol grip. The AR-Podium total weight comes in at 12.6 oz.

The ergonomic design won’t snag on clothing, webbing or other materials. It is made of lightweight and durable high-end reinforced polymer composite.

Shot Show 2017
Shot Show 2017

The compact design saves valuable rail space for additional mounting options and is available in matte black, olive drab green or flat dark earth. MSRP $124.80.


About The Mako Group:

The Mako Group is the exclusive U.S. distributor of the finest tactical equipment and weapon accessories that have been proven in combat. Designed for law enforcement agencies and militaries worldwide, Meprolight night sights and optics, FAB Defense weapon and personal defense accessories, Front Line Holsters and RTS Target Systems are available at firearm retailers everywhere. Connect with The Mako Group on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube to stay up-to-date on the latest news and products.

For more information visit their website.

  • 13 thoughts on “FAB Defense Introduces AR-Podium at SHOT Show 2017

    1. Definitely a cool look but how well it functions in a combat environment is to be seen would love to see some demos of it let me check YouTube

    2. I’d like to give it a try! Of course, I’m one of those weird folks that like trying new gizmos. Must of been the 24 years in the Army having to adapt to every new piece of equipment we got issued…dunno. And, I was a test officer for the Test and Experimentation Command (TEXCOM) Aviation Test Directorate (AVTD) from 1990 to 1993. Even got to test out some cool stuff in Desert Storm. So I say…bring it on dudes!!

      P.S. If you watch the video on the FAB website (linked above) it kind of looks like it fastens to the magazine well, not the magazine itself, so you can still change out magazines. Just my observation.

    3. I think you can accomplish pretty much the same thing by resting the AR on the magazine and pivoting around it . From a recent post on this blog, the AR magazine is designed to be used as a rest , and there is no downside to utilizing it in this way.

      1. Just as we sometimes used the 20 round mag in Vietnam… although wearing a helmet and being belly flat on the ground inhibited use of this method, it did work with sandbags, fallen trees, etc.

    4. Google this product and look at the pictures. It attaches to the 30 round magazine and the grip. You would have to change the “Podium” back and forth EVERY TIME YOU CHANGE MAGAZINES. Worst part? It doesn’t steady the muzzle at all- your whole rifle rocks back and forth over the “Podium” balance point. This is the most pointless AR add-on I’ve ever seen. Hmmm…..now I understand why they didn’t put any pictures up…..

      1. Zackley ! I HATE ads like this… If there is no installed/in use pic, I have no interest in it, just like the ones that show no price OR say “CALL FOR PRICE”, uhhh NO, we are DONE ! Give us a frigging price, even if only a “ballpark” one. They become instant round file fodder if printed or instantly deleted from the computer like this one.
        It’s almost like putting an APB or BOLO out with no description or pic… COMPLETELY USELESS !

      2. I don’t understand your issue with this. It’s perfectly easy to see that it connects to the pistol via that one thing, then it’s deployed by the other thingamajig. And it also comes with that other thing. What is so hard to understand about that. Sheesh.

        1. Shawn, you forgot to mention the dealy bob, which apparently interfaces with the doo hickey and braces against the frammis flange so the freen oscillates at the correct frequency when fired setting up the sub-harmonic vibrations that allow maximum accuracy. It’s really just that elementary.

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