‘Finding Fearless’, by M&P, Smith & Wesson Launches On GetZone.com

Finding Fearless
Finding Fearless
Media Lodge
Media Lodge

ATLANTA, Ga. -(Ammoland.com)- How prepared are you to survive a deadly encounter? Do you have a plan? The new video series “Finding Fearless” helps address these questions that we don't often ask at the dinner table.

Thousands of citizens every day meet evil in the streets, parking lots and even in their own homes. Unprepared, scared and caught off-guard, we can fall victim to ruthless crime and have our possessions, peace of mind, and even our lives taken from us.

If you are like a lot of us, you probably believe you can outsmart, out-talk or even outwit an assailant with potentially bad intentions.

Fear can wind up making a bad situation even worse. How someone handles fear is the one survival factor that can't be truly measured – until it is tested!

Nationally recognized self-defense and firearms instructor EJ Owens places four everyday women in situations that test both their mental and physical toughness. The women will have to control their words, their actions and, most importantly, their fear. Will their instincts kick in? Will they find a way to survive?

Or will the fear be too much for them to handle? Their reactions might surprise you, while the situations may terrify you.

Hang on tight as we ride along with them during their journey to Finding Fearless in this 10-part video series, brought to you by M&P by Smith & Wesson and Crimson Trace.

“We are very proud to produce this women’s self-defense video series,” said Jeff Siegel, CEO of Media Lodge. “The episodes provide tangible advice for real-world self-defense scenarios. The response to the series so far has been phenomenal, and if it helps just one person, we have accomplished our mission.”

Watch all of the first 9 episodes now on here.

About Media Lodge:
Media Lodge has assembled a unique set of assets to engage with over 17m unique monthly Outdoor enthusiasts in authentic and powerful ways. In addition to fishing, camping and powersports, Media Lodge has become the largest firearms and hunting media platform, helping brands engage with enthusiasts across the best websites and exclusive, leading commerce engines. Additionally, Media Lodge has invested heavily to insure partners understand their customers, research their competitors and realize manufacturing efficiencies.
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