NRA Blog Freedom Journal – Gabby Franco: Speaking Out To The Hypocrites

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USA -( The Second Amendment of the United States Constitution has been a target of controversy throughout the years — generally due to the misguided interpretation of its content.

Politicians and celebrities take lead with hypocrisy. They often times surround themselves with armed security while criticizing and speaking against others who wish to exercise their own right to protect themselves.

These individuals are given a platform where they opt to speak their opinions to the masses and the mainstream media thrives off of it. Their hateful message is based upon feelings, not facts, while law-abiding citizens are shoved into a corner.

However, they don’t fool me. I see beyond their lies and know that the gun control agenda works as well as the “redistribution of wealth” agenda does: Politicians, celebrities, along with a handful of other elite individuals keep their wealth (and their guns), while everyone else, well, can go to hell for all they care.

Isn’t it obvious? There isn’t a socialist country where politicians and high profile individuals live like the average citizen. There isn’t a country with strict gun control where a regular citizen is as privileged as their politicians. One can easily gather as to why – they see gun control as being for the less privileged.

What troubles me the most is how many are trapped in their webs of lies. When a tragedy occurs, guns are one of the first things to be blamed. A gun. An object. Not the person, but the object. Why is this? Have we become a society that is quick to blame, instead of quick to learn the facts?

After the incident at Ohio State University, Senator Tim Kaine swiftly took to social media to claim the act was “a senseless act of gun violence” even though firearms where not used to commit the crime. In fact, the Ohio student used his vehicle and a knife to kill another and proceeded to injure many others. However, that wasn’t the angle the media wanted to focus on.

As a society we need to start thinking about the big picture. Evil exists. Evil people exist. Evil has no regard to obeying the law and is willing to harm innocent people to satisfy its own selfishness.

The Second Amendment gives us, law-abiding citizens, the right to own and bear arms, which allows us to protect ourselves and our families — a right many people around the world wish they had. Giving away the right to own firearms has been one of the biggest mistakes millions of people have done in the past, and perhaps is best explained in nine simple words: You don’t know what you have until it's gone.

Gabby Franco is a champion competitive shooter, Olympian, firearms instructor, wife, mother and native of Venezuela who understands the danger of firearm bans and confiscation, and uses her platform to advocate for the Second Amendment.

  • 4 thoughts on “NRA Blog Freedom Journal – Gabby Franco: Speaking Out To The Hypocrites

    1. I would but China dosent respect our 2nd and the NRA buys (with our donated funds) all of those free join us gifts.
      I have heard attempts at reasons,spare me.
      You want me to support you try buying something made in THE GREAT U S oF A.
      There are still manufactures in this country worthy of my money

    2. I’m a Proud LIFE NRA Member,Also an NRA Golden Eagle Member.We must Never let are Guard down.These anti Gun Hypocrites will stop at no lengths to Have your Guns Confiscated.Just because we WON the White House and both the Senate and Congress,these Politicans/Celebrites Hypocrites will NEVER stop trying to confiscate our Guns.Like our friend in the comments said,They want your guns but these Hypocrites,like Clinton have a whole army protecting her but w/o are Guns there is NO one to protect you and Me.Only the Criminals will have guns.One of the 1st.Acts that Hitler did when he came into power was to confiscate the peoples GUNS.Join the NRA today,and Donate has much $ to the NRA as you can!

    3. Blaming the gun for a shooting is the same as blaming the car for drunk driving. Or the Mercedes truck for mowing down innocents.There has to be a perp at the controls no matter what the tool is. And the ultimate goal of all the anti civil rights disarmament specialists is gun confiscation not “control”. I’m all for CONTROL and hitting my target with both hands and keeping both hands on the steering wheel and sober, too. NOT control but “confiscation”. Remember, substitute control for “confiscation” as the correct term to retake the offensive, not ” control” as a perpetual defensive term for the gun confiscators. So, don’t continue to use their defining words but ours to Win! Yes, words have consequences!
      So in the recent election, they LOST. Big time! No pity. No remorse……
      So, NO COMPROMISE, It’s time to REgain and REclaim our 2nd Amendment civil rights. My representatives are on notice that wihout a qualifying voting record supporting same, there will be NO vote supporting their 2nd term. So call and put them on notice. A window or opportunity to realize ” shall NOT be infringed” of this magnitude shall not pass this way again.

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