Governor Ducey’s Response to National Monument Designations by Pres. Obama

Governor Ducey’s response to recent national monument designations by President Obama
Governor Ducey’s response to recent national monument designations by President Obama
Arizona Game and Fish Department
Arizona Game and Fish Department

PHOENIX-( In response to President Obama designating two national monuments this week in Utah and Nevada, Governor Doug Ducey issued the following statement requesting that the president respect Arizona by not designating the proposed Grand Canyon Watershed National Monument:

“Western public land agreements have established a legacy of multi-use that have provided a recreational, environmental, conservation and economic balance that has served our state and nation well.

“In the early 1990s Republican Senator John McCain and Democratic Congressman Morris Udall worked appropriately through congressional action to create a massive footprint of designated wilderness in our state. Arizona also already hosts the most national monuments of any state in the nation. Those monuments more than suffice for enough acreage set aside for elevated public lands management. That work is now complete.

“Our state needs no further designations. Designations done by decree have already negatively impacted our state’s ability to manage wildlife, held in trust for the people of Arizona and our nation. Proof of this fact is seen in the decline of desert sheep in the Sonoran Desert Monument, where access closures impeded our ability to maintain water catchments to grow these herds. Forest management also suffers in special designation areas, and my fear with the proposed designation is a catastrophic fire that would damage this area for more than a century.

“I have long joined Senators McCain and Flake, the majority of our congressional delegation, more than 20 sportsmen/women organizations, the Arizona Game and Fish Commission, and thousands of Arizona citizens in steadfast opposition to this unneeded and poorly thought-out presidential decree that will permanently damage the recreational, environmental, conservation and economic balance that is so important to our state.

“I request that the president respect the wishes of our state’s leadership and the Congress of the United States, which is where the real authority for public lands designations resides. The intent of the Antiquities Act gives the president limited authority to set aside the smallest amount of land possible to protect the artifact; this proposed designation of 1.9 million acres of land would be a clear violation of that intent.

“If designated by the president in his waning hours, Arizona will take every step necessary—legally and legislatively—to stop it. My hope is that the president respects our wishes.”

Note: The Arizona Game and Fish Commission opposes establishment of this unneeded national monument in Arizona. See letter, and also Commission resolution concerning the loss of multiple-use public lands due to special land-use designations.

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the impending threat of this Arizona designation is part of the smokescreen the kinyun is floating to distract from his real agenda….. I’m not sure where the Utah area is, but the Nevada one includes the land where the Bundy Ranch has operated for a century and a half. BLM was unable to steal it back from them, so it could be given to the Reids for their chinese solar generating field project….. so the kinyun designates it as a monumant, stealing it from the Bundy family. You watch, sooner or later, the solar plant will move ahead, and the… Read more »


This president has no respect for any one. I hope Arizona can stop this effort to put more land under federal control.

Crotalus Maxximus

Repeal the 17Th Amendment at the COS.

Crotalus Maxximus

A prime example as to why Senators should be appointed by the States and not elected by populist vote.

HMLA-167 Warrior

Appointees answer to, and are responsible to, no one other than he/she who appointed them.


Does the actions of the Muslem ‘n’ Thief occupying the White House surprise anyone? No one should be surprised. Look at the TREASONOUS acts he has done across America and around the world.


Next time you might consider that very few pay any attention to those who call names, make ad hominem attacks and offer no course of redress.


his course of redress is to encourage citizens to examine the kinyun’s record…. implying that, once examined and found wanting, action is to be taken to oppose his travesties.