Gun Owners of America Announce NY Civil Rights Restoration Act

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Gun Owners of America Announce NY Civil Rights Restoration Act
Gun Owners of America
Gun Owners of America

Albany, NY –-( “Gun Owners of America – NY” today announced its 2017 legislative agenda for the “Civil Rights Restoration Act,” at a press conference headlined by Larry Pratt, Executive Director Emeritus of Gun Owners of America.

The legislation will include a six-point agenda to revitalize basic civil rights, including the right to due process, the right to counsel, and the right to privacy.

It will also seek to curtail the militarization of the NYS Police under the direction of Governor Cuomo for programs like the non-operational ammunition background check and pistol permit recertification.

Pratt said, “GOA is targeting operations in NY to combat the on-going civil rights violations of Governor Cuomo against the people who live and work here. The “Civil Rights Restoration Act” will bring back basic civil rights stolen by Governor Cuomo, including the right to a hearing, the right to counsel, the right to privacy of medical records. Without these basic human rights, New York is effectively a tyranny state, headed up by Governor Cuomo.”

Larry Pratt
“Without these basic human rights, New York is effectively a tyranny state, headed up by Governor Cuomo.” ~ Larry Pratt

This announcement comes on the four-year anniversary of passage of the “SAFE Act,” a controversial 39-page bill from 2013 that passed the Senate in the dead of night and slammed through the Assembly in less than three hours the following afternoon. The legislation has been under heavy criticism from Second Amendment advocacy groups ever since and is the subject of several state and federal lawsuits.

“Instead of blindly lashing out against responsible gun owners, the Governor should be focusing on the root causes of violence in our society. All of us who champion the rights of individuals and personal empowerment understand and support the need to focus on “at risk” communities to combat poverty, lack of education and lack of employment”, said Assemblyman Pete Lopez (R-C-I-Reform – Schoharie).  “We want to build up and secure our families and communities, not divide them and knock them down as this Governor is recklessly doing.”

“The Civil Rights Restoration Act will strengthen families, community-based sporting activities, access to a person’s records kept by the government, and even access to justice through the right to counsel,” said Michael Mastrogiovanni (Syracuse), Chairman of the Board, GOA-NY. “Everyone who believes in liberty and freedom will want to get behind this bill.”

“The Second Amendment is the modern civil rights movement. Governor Cuomo, through the NYS Police, has invaded the medical privacy of nearly 600,000 New Yorkers, almost none of whom have been told that they are now listed in secret state and federal databases,” said Paloma A. Capanna, Attorney & Policy Analyst (Webster). “The Civil Rights Restoration Act will make this State a champion of civil rights, creating a model for national reform.” – Paloma A. Capanna, Attorney & Policy Analyst

New York Civil Rights Restoration Act Outlined:

  1. define “due process of law” for all proceedings that could result in the loss of a handgun license or a firearm to include notice, a hearing, and the right to counsel
  2. protect patient privacy against on-going secret reporting of confidential medical information by healthcare workers to the NYS Police and the FBI
  3. amend the State’s definition of “family” to include “parents, brothers, and sisters” for purposes of firearms transfers
  4. expand the acceptable forms of identification for a handgun permit or a firearm sale to include fingerprints
  5. repeal the handgun permit recertification program of the NYS Police
  6. rescind the non-operational ammunition background check of the NYS Police

About Gun Owners of America (GOA)

Gun Owners of America (GOA) is a non-profit lobbying organization formed in 1975 to preserve and defend the Second Amendment rights of gun owners. GOA sees firearms ownership as a freedom issue. `The only no compromise gun lobby in Washington’ – Ron Paul.

Visit: to Join.

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James Lamb

Truckers plan to surround NY Capitol for “Memorial Procession” on Sept 5th, 2017 to protest gun rights violations by Cuomo and the state of New York: Top 10 Things for Drivers to do on September 5, 2017: 10. Shut Down for the day in a safe area. 9. Enjoy your previously scheduled Home time 8. Declare September 5th your Restart Day 7. Drive in the Memorial Procession past the Maryland State Capitol to protest that state’s anti-gun policies that endanger Drivers’ Lives. 6. Drive in the Memorial Procession past the Massachusetts State Capitol to protest that state’s anti-gun policies that… Read more »


People that are to damned lazy to defend their rights, be they gun rights or any other rights one might specify are undeserving of rights, and will not long have any.

Seems that there is more than one Alan here, so to avoid confusion, I will sign as AlanAA.

Mr. K

Tomorrow is the 13th, be sure to do a mag dump in defiance. F CUOMO. MOLAN LABE!


Trump should deny any federal funds to NY State until gun rights are at least those at the Federal level. States rights meant to protect rights, not take them away as with the SAFE Act.


Amending the piece of legislative garbage aka The Safe Act is insufficient. Repeal, if that can be accomplished is necessary, along with a wholesale change in the membership of the state legislature, and the occupant of the governor’s office, things that unfortunately were not accomplished on Election Day, a. Lunder that will continue to haunt the law abiding people who reside in New York.


I’m not even interested in coming to N.Y. or any place near there because of the northeast commie ways of doing things. I wonder if there will ever be a time when the people have their rights restored. N.Y. people elected that idiot for a Gov. and turned around and elected another of the same kind as mayor of NYC. You will never learn, will you. You could throw all the libs in the ocean but the feds. would get you for pollution of the water and sea creatures. Maybe if you just keep them it will prevent them from… Read more »


NYC elected Andrew Cuomo Governor. Upstate New York is red and Cuomo lost almost every county. The problem is NYC outnumbers us.

Garry Hoffman

Unfortunately, what you are saying is what all the gunners who didn’t vote for Astorino said. The voter turnout where it mattered, outside of NYC, was a shame, a huge shame. A self-inflicted wound… Out of the hundreds of 2nd Amendment protection seekers I spoke with around the state, I heard this again and again… If we united at the polls, Emperor Andrew had NO CHANCE, it was no landslide by any stretch!. NYC, with it’s historic low voter participation, has ZERO chance if everybody telling themselves and everyone else this lie believed in themselves and stood up to be… Read more »


The New York(unsafe)Act.What a joke!!Very Unconstitutional!!!Give us back our rights.Cuomo thinks he is a dictator.Repeal the safe act!!!!!!


The control freaks and the freedoms grabbers that take and infringe on freedoms through unconstitutional regulations need to have some legal penalties for promoting anti freedom and anti constitution regulations/laws. Expulsion from their public office and some jail time for trying to steal our freedoms would be a good start. I believe that would throw some ice water on their anti freedom moves. Attempted theft of constitutional freedoms would be a nice new law passed for them to face when they invent the next freedom grabbing Bill to pass. Make it a National law too since we are all “protected”… Read more »


Yes, very nice LARRY. I wonder, will you EVER get a mind to do anything to help NEW JERSEY?? We could use a little assistance or promotion of our Gun Rights here, if you don’t mind. Christie will be out soon and then where the heck are we? A little concealed carry help if you can spare it. A little Constitutional carry help or damn, ANY HELP AT ALL. It might be Jerseystan pretty soon! I know everybody feels sorry for New York, but come on. A billboard. ANYTHING, PLEASE! Been a life member all this time and I cannot… Read more »


Seems like the people of NJ had the tendency to elect, then re-elect anti civil rights types, which over the years ended up creating the mess that is N.J.. New York, where I grew up and lived for some years, prior to 1967 isn’ much better these days.


There should be NO DOUBLE STANDARD in constitutional and civil rights according as to whether or not you are employed as a law enforcement officer or not – IF LIMITED MAGAZINE CAPACITY PUTS A LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER’S LIFE IN DANGER – IT PUTS MY LIFE IN DANGER!

Bad Cyborg

KUETSA, A “right” cannot be taken away from or returned to you by the State. If it can be taken away or restored it is not a right but a privilege. Rights are inalienable; the State does not bestow them, you are born with them. All that the State can do is infringe on our rights, which is the diametric opposite of the purpose of government in the first place. What you so passionately desire (and what you utterly deserve), my friend, is for the State to cease infringing upon your fundamental right to defend yourself by keeping and bearing… Read more »

Dale M Richards

Now if only we can muster the strength and resources needed to set the overbearing gov’t in Albany back on it’s haunches and remind them we will not sit idly by while they attempt to jack-boot us into submission !!


Well don’t think that they didn’t notice the 4% COMPLIANCE RATE to their unconstitutional NY SAFE ACT!

Alan Chwick

But they absolutely do not care about the 4% issue. And NYC, and the other Demo held NY areas, sadly, will never let-go of the NY SAFE Act.