The Handgun Roster Has Shrunk To Its Smallest Size Yet

CalGuns Foundation Handgun Roster chart
CalGuns Foundation Handgun Roster chart
Calguns Foundation
Calguns Foundation

USA -( As we have before, we asked the DOJ for a copy of their Roster database, and in response, they sent us a speadsheet export having a data date of September 21, 2016.

We evaluated their Roster data and discovered some interesting facts.

For example, while there were 517 active semi-automatic handgun (“pistol”) models on the Roster as of the data date, nearly half of those listed models (210) were simply aesthetic variations of other listed handgun models.

So, in essence, there really were only 307 semi-automatic handgun types available on the Roster for law-abiding people to buy.

One question we are often asked is, “Why does everything look like it’s going to ‘zero out’ at the beginning of the year?”

The answer is that, a few years ago, the Legislature passed SB 363 (2013, Wright) and changed Penal Code Section 32015 such that, “Commencing January 1, 2015, the annual [Roster] fee shall be paid on January 1, or the next business day, of every year.”

So, all handgun models must be renewed at the same time at the beginning of every year (or they could be dropped from the Roster).

CalGuns Foundation Total Number of Handguns chart
CalGuns Foundation Total Number of Handguns chart

As you can see, the Roster is – overall – at its lowest point in history. And that’s especially true for the semi-automatic handguns and revolvers.

In Heller, the Supreme Court noted that “the American people have considered the handgun to be the quintessential self-defense weapon.”

If that’s true, and we believe it is, then all law-abiding people should be able to acquire safe, modern handguns (like, for instance, a Glock Model 17 Gen 4) that are in common use by private citizens and and law enforcement across the United States.

CalGuns Foundation Available Handguns in CA chart
CalGuns Foundation Available Handguns in CA chart

We will press forward in Peña, et al. v. Lindley and, with your support, make every effort to strike down this gun ban once and for all.

Please consider chipping in a tax-deductible donation to help fund our Second Amendment lawsuit Peña v. Lindley and strike down the Roster gun ban.


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Bob Jordan

Any more current info on how much the CA approved list has been reduced?


So for clarification: is this microstamping requirement for handguns imported into California only, from the manufacturer or is requirement nation wide? Because if it is only a California requirement then the rest of the country needs to start pushing back against state statures like this that affect people in other states that it should not affect, especially when it comes to civil liberties.

John Dunlap

It’s state only, doesn’t exist on the Federal level. However, anyone who thinks this measure wasn’t intended as a de facto ban is wearing rose colored goggles. The California legislature are not collectively stupid. They Know exactly what they are doing. It may be difficult to define evil, but it isn’t hard to recognize it when you see it. And yes, California’s patriots need all the help you can offer.

Bob G

Exactly. Maybe the fact they knew what they were doing is the real reason I’m so chapped about this. I already have little tolerance for our elected brethren, but it’s worse when I catch them being sneaky.

Bob G

It’s not a gun ban. It’s a ridiculous attempt at using public protection as an excuse to slowly diminish the number of purchasable handguns by requiring handguns to meet certain criteria. But it’s not a ban. California legislation calls for a number of crime- and safety-related criteria to be met before a sidearm can be sold to the public. One is that the pistols are drop safe, which I absolutely agree with. If a manufacturer designs a pistol well enough so that dropping a pistol will not induce a discharge then I’m happy. A pistol also has to have either… Read more »


I left Der People’s Demokratik Republik of Kalifornikateya back in 1980 and never looked back.


Naturally, you are free to vote with your feet. I sure wish all those who said they would leave the state and nation rather than live under a Trump presidency would actually leave. However, every time one of you leaves, those who remain must work doubly hard to fight creeping socialism. It’s not easy being red in a blue state when the leftists are flooding the state with more leftists (illegal and otherwise) while driving the people who believe in democracy out. California has one of the highest percentages of retired military families in the nation. The majority of them… Read more »

Bob G

I have a plan to bail in a few years, but not because of gun laws. I’m just fed up with the excess baloney handed to us by extreme codification. I hate the PC silliness that schools teach, and the high $ that welfare offers, and the ridiculous taxation and “hoop-action” that businesses suffer. I don’t mind immigration, I just think the illegal immigration laws should be enforced, and I think Sancuary Cities are a travesty. Every place has its problems, but CA has a deserved reputation for flightiness, for being in favor of the “latest.” There is push-back, yes;… Read more »