Heidi E. Washington is Running for NRA Board of Directors

Heidi E. Washington
Heidi E. Washington

USA – -(Ammoland.com)- My name is Heidi Washington, I am an Endowment member of the NRA and I am running for the Board of Directors. I am endorsed by the NRA’s Nominating Committee. I currently serve as a member of NRA’s Law Enforcement Assistance Committee.

My father Tom Washington was a long time NRA Board Member and Chair of the Finance Committee. He also served as the Associations Second Vice President, First Vice President and President.

I have worked in State Government in Michigan for over 25 years, both for the Legislative and Executive Branches. I spent the early part of my career working in both the Michigan Senate and House of Representatives. For the last 18 years, I have worked for the Michigan Department of Corrections. I spent several years as a prison warden, operating both male and female facilities at all custody levels, minimum through maximum. I am presently the Director of the Michigan Department of Corrections, a cabinet level position wherein I oversee the state’s prison, probation and parole systems.

I am hard working, dedicated and tough. If given the opportunity to be on the Board of Directors, I will use my knowledge and skills to attract and expand new members to the organization.

I will use my network in law enforcement, corrections and the courts to promote the positive role of the NRA to these areas. I will use my legal education, political background and my national connections in law enforcement to advance NRA’s agenda, promote the NRA for women and youth in particular and defend our Constitutional rights.

The NRA Board of Directors should be comprised of people that are as diverse as its membership. People join the NRA for many different reasons and one way to continue to diversify and expand our membership is to elect a board that has the ability to reach people across all demographics.

Women are among the fastest growing population of gun owners and NRA members. The NRA membership is made up of average everyday Americans, and some estimate that over 30% of them are women, yet, women only hold 10 seats on the Board of Directors. Women on the Board can serve as positive and powerful representatives for the NRA, providing not only an opportunity for recruiting new members, but also showing the rest of the world, and particularly the media, that the NRA’s board is as diverse as its membership. But diversification does not only mean expanding the number of women on the board, it also means expanding the numbers of minorities.

Whether you work in government or in the private sector, succession planning is key to the survival of any organization. The NRA is no different. We need to have succession planning to ensure that as we elect new members to the Board we are thinking of the future of the organization and the ability of new board members to not only learn from those existing, but also to have longevity and carry the organization into the future.

The world is changing everyday and embracing a new generation of leaders on the Board is something that should be done so that we are prepared to take on new challenges, and new enemies, while maintaining our strong roots and heritage.

I am a crime victim. Last year, when my daughter (a life member) was just 12 years old, we were mugged by two men in downtown Chicago.

Heidi E. Washington with Gov. Rick Snyder
Heidi E. Washington with Gov. Rick Snyder 9left) : Gov. Rick Snyder talks with Chris Chavanne, an inmate at the Richard A. Handlon Correctional Facility in Ionia, while touring the Michigan Department of Corrections’ new Vocational Village program at the prison. Chavanne works in a building trades job-training program.  Photo by Lindsay VanHulle

I know first hand the difficulties of working through the criminal justice system in Chicago. I want to make it easier for victims of crime to ensure their predators are held accountable, especially in cities like Chicago where where they have more gun control laws then practically anywhere, but fail to hold criminals accountable.

As Director of the Department of Corrections, I am developing Department level and facility level shooting teams within my Department. Giving people exposure to the shooting sports and competition is a great way to not only enhance their skill, but also to enhance participation in the shooting sports. I will work to develop teams from the correctional side of law enforcement to participate in the National Police Pistol Shooting Championship.

It has been a great honor to be asked to serve on the Law Enforcement Assistance Committee and an even greater honor to be considered for a seat on the Board of Directors. I believe my credentials are unique and place me in a position to have a positive impact on the organization and help propel us into the future ensuring our Second Amendment rights, and all of our Constitutional rights are preserved and strengthened.

I will work to defend our rights, expand our membership, expand participation in the competitive shooting for law enforcement and protect and strengthen the NRA for future generations.

I ask for your support and your vote. My e mail address [email protected]

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There have been shooting teams in the Jackson area corrections for over 20 years a good friend shot last year at the pistol match which is held at the Jackson City Police outdoor range on South st.
I’m not sure what she will be starting as that goes.


I would have probably left the “worked for the Michigan state government” part out. The state is a shuttered city, Muslim packed, FREE RIDE, cesspool anymore. Not to mention having lead tainted water. Just sayin….. NOT a state government you want to be associated with.


Rock! Not all of Michigan is in the south. We in the UP have a different view of things. God, Home Schooling, and Hunting/Guns. We are trying to stay Muslim free, and our water comes from wells we own and maintain. That is why we fight the DNR on Mining issues. And yes, we do have septic systems.


Muslim free? You narrow minded cretin. It’s hillbillies like you who should be locked up and never allowed to own a gun!

Fred Schwartz

You must be a Muzzie or just plain nuts. Better start reading something other than Boy’s Life and comic books. Those bastards want to exterminate western civilization, tried several times before and were stopped in France and then outside Vienna centuries later. YOU are the cretin.


And rock not all of us are from the Podunk ass up okay where that’s all they believe in his guns and women are fucked up. Not to mention 50% of the employment there is the Michigan Department of Corrections which Heidi Washington runs and most of these male Corrections Officers hated having Heidi Washington as the Director. I’m currently on parole in the state of Michigan and I still support anything Heidi Washington does I feel with what she has done for the MDOC speaks loudly enough that Ms. Washington is more than capable of taking on a man’s… Read more »