Henrico VA Home Invasion Ruled Self-Defense Killing

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Henrico VA Home Invasion Ruled Self-Defense Killing
Bob Irwin
Bob Irwin

USA –-(Ammoland.com)- The Richmond Times-Dispatch in Virginia reported 01-05 2017 a Henrico man who lives with his girlfriend in the 8800 block of Three Chopt Road was lured outside about 1:50 a.m. by a Hispanic woman who said she thought she had hit the man’s vehicle.

The man exited his home to check on his car but didn’t find any damage.

While he was outside, two masked men entered the two-story town house. One armed with a baseball bat, began to assault the female resident in the living area, while the second intruder went upstairs, presumably to search for items to steal.

When the male resident returned to his town house, he heard the disturbance and found the front door which he left open, locked from the inside. He looked through the door and saw a stranger standing over his girlfriend with a baseball bat.

The resident then broke in to his residence and retrieved a gun. The intruder who was still downstairs began to move toward the male resident as the second intruder headed down the stairs.

The resident then fired at both intruders. His girlfriend then broke free and retrieved another gun nearby and also fired at the assailants.

Both intruders fled and were found outside with gunshot wounds after officers arrived.

Officers observed blood near the front door and a canvas bag and baseball bat on the first floor. The investigation is ongoing as to whether charges will be filed against the surviving intruder.

It was unclear whether the home invasion victims were known to the intruders.


The self-defense is legit but maybe no good guys are involved in this case. We’ll assume this was a random home invasion and agree that it was a good shoot. If the parties were known to each other perhaps more is involved.

When masked men gain entry by subterfuge as in this case, a homeowner can really be caught between his family and the intruders.

Fortunately he was able to retrieve a firearm and win the fight, with a little help from his girlfriend.

Bob Irwin, The Gun Store, Las Vegas

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A good habit to gain is that of always keeping keys to the house in your pocket. Never know when you could walk outside and the wind, a big dog, or a creep, mightn’t gain access then lock the door on you. A key in his pocket would perhaps have made reentry easier and faster. Having his gun on his hip woiuld also have helped…. unlock door, walk in, fire. One less perp, DRT. Now the upstairs clown has no backup. And HE is backed up the stairs, no escape. One more DRT. I wonder what became of the decoy… Read more »


I was thinking the same thing. Any one knocks on my door at 1:50 AM I’m carrying a weapon with me! I don’t worry about someone going into my house, my dog will solve that problem – they’ll beg me to shoot them and put them out of their misery.

Roy D.

If I don’t know you and it is after dark and I open the door I have a gun in my hand. To do otherwise would be foolish.


Without any evidence to base the purely speculational statement of this situation having “no good guys”, you sir are no different than the media who consistently assumes the worst any time a defensive use of a firearm is reported. The speculation is unnecessary, unwarranted, and totally irrelevant without supporting FACTS. Just as typical left wing media have become famous for speculating and guessing, they have been proven to be serial liars due to their refusal to spend an equal amount of time apologizing and/or correcting for the damage they cause by getting the story WRONG.

Dave Eckart

In the RT-D story, the bag that the invaders were carrying out of the house contained pot plants and money. I have not read any follow-up to this story. Presumably, the pot plants and money is what the invaders retrieved from the home, not brought to it. If that is so, the self-defense may still be legitimate, but what Bob Irwin stated would also be true.


you base your “no good guys” judgement on the tenuous concept that possession of a certain plant, over which FedGov have NO authority whatever (cn they ban the sage or rosemary you grow in your patio planter? No? Then HOW can they ban cannabis? You assume that whatever Uncle Stupid declares is illegal is also immoral. False premise, I say. And no, I don’t use the stuff, never will. Changes nothing. Thus I maintain that mere possession of the weed by the occupant does NOT render him a bad guy.

Dave Eckart

Whether or not you agree with the laws against selling illegal drugs and the possession of pot is not relevant to the story. The fact is in Virginia, it is illegal, and the perps were clearly there because of the illegal drugs and money. The fact that he possessed pot and it is illegal doesn’t make the man “bad”, but it does mean he was in violation of at least one state and/or federal law, which, to clarify, is a violation of both Virginia and federal laws. Bob Irwin, by stating “no good guys”, was using a generalization, meaning that… Read more »


You be goofy boy as “tenuous” you think this is, whether or not you use, get caught with a bag on yourself and watch you ‘tenuous” self get a free ride to the jail house. Laws are laws and the breaking of or the non enforcement of law has become a major problem in this country. Immigration law is “tenuous” also that is why there ar so many illegals here.
Just sayin……


I’d like Mr. Irwin to explain what he meant by the following: “The self-defense is legit but maybe no good guys are involved in this case…..”. He continually makes statements like this in his columns in Ammoland, and then, like so many who throw out frivolous, seemingly unfounded non sequiturs, he moves on without ever answering queries. Given that, I question why we should give any veracity to his conclusions.

Dave Eckart

Please read my post to M, below.