Home Intruder Shot Dead by Florida Resident

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Glenn Edward Oliver mug shot from 8-29-16 booking
Glenn Edward Oliver mug shot from 8-29-16 booking
Bob Irwin
Bob Irwin

USA –-(Ammoland.com)- WTSP News 10 (CBS) reports in Sarasota County, Florida 01-09-2017, the Sheriff’s Office was called to the 2300 block of Constitution Blvd just after 1:20 in the afternoon on reports of a shooting.

Apparently while the family attended a social event, an intruder forced his way in through a window and ransacked the home. When the homeowner and his family returned, he noticed things were out of place.

While looking through his home, the resident was approached by the burglar who was still in the house. The intruder then ran into a bedroom and grabbed a baseball bat. The homeowner retrieved a firearm and used it to shoot and kill the intruder.

Detectives believe the homeowner shot in self-defense and will not be facing charges at this time. A spokeswoman for the Sarasota County Sherriff’s Office said the incident seems pretty cut and dry.

“The homeowner walked in, felt threatened and shot the suspect in self–defense. He’s allowed to do so with protection from the law because of course he is in his own home. It’s his own property and he felt threatened so he had to make the decision”

Authorities say the intruder has an extensive criminal history and was just released from prison in August after a 10-year sentence for robbery with a firearm and carjacking. His registered address was in the same area.


Surprise, the burglar was still there. The intruder goes to get a baseball bat, the resident retrieves a firearm. Rule: “Never bring a club to a gunfight” DUH!

Investigator believe that a social media post about the family attending a pep rally alerted the burglar that the family would not be home.

Try to keep your comings and goings off of social media.

Bob Irwin, The Gun Store, Las Vegas

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SLUGS FOR THUGS; and the game goes on, well this is another thug that went into the wrong home, he thought he was going to get a nice haul but instead got some hot lead instead. Yeah SLUGS FOR THUGS; and this guy’s game is over. The more thugs that get put on the ground the better it will be for the rest of the people. His mommy will probablyly say that he was a good boy just on his way to church then the market and has no idea how he by got into the guys home, maybe he… Read more »


Great comment, Bob, concerning broadcasting your plans on the media for all to see. Wait till you’re back home from the event, then provide an After Action Report to wow all yer “friends’ on the ‘book. But don’t announce to all and sundry that you’ll be gone at such and such a time…..


As one of the regular contributors to this page opines, “SLUGS FOR THUGS.” Good riddance. Glad it worked out for this rather unprepared home owner.


A bat or other wooden club can rather easily kill someone. A good swing which lands right can crack a skull and induce hemmorhaging which is lethal if not taken care of quickly (like ASAP!). I would always prefer to take a gun to a knife or club fight. Body armor and a semi-auto long gun or shotgun to a fight where the opfor has pistols or revolvers. If the opfor has long guns then an armed APC (Bradley?) or even a tank would be in order. I was taught to bring enough firepower to sweep the opfor off the… Read more »


The Mafia expression, “to whack” is onomatopoeia for the sound of a baseball bat making contact with a skull. It’s their preferred mode of execution, followed by two .22LR rounds to the back of the skull. E vero!


Your “hot lead is no match for hickory wood” seems to be backwards. Shouldn’t it be hickory wood is no match for hot lead? Also, just because a robber is dumb doesn’t make him any less dangerous. Perhaps if he was smarter he would be able to get a job and earn his own keep and not have to steal, or perhaps he would be smart ejnough to know not to steal stuff. Probably his mom’s fault for not teaching him.


the problem IS that momma taught him. It falls to Pappy to teach them right moral standards…… like respecting other people and their stuff. The Bleeing Heart LIberal penchant for paying women to have more babies and keeping men out of the home leads to deadbeat punks like this one. No Daddy to teach him well…. statistics are overwhelming in this. So I suppose now this dead thug is busy comparing notes with Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown…. two other “thugs of colour” whose Daddies never taught them to respect other people and their stuff… and the failure to do… Read more »

Lloyd Dumas

So fortunate for us that most robber are also dumb, hot lead is no match for hickory wood.

Jim Macklin

Home owner should carry. Having to “go get a gun” is a danger doublely. A gun left at home could be found by te burglar if it was merely hidden. The time it takes to unlock your safe is plenty of time for the burglar to kill or rape .
Carry, it is safest action.


Well said