Why It’s Important to Understand Trump & Trumpism

Newt Gingrich
Newt Gingrich

USA – -(Ammoland.com)- Over the course of the next month, I will partner with the Heritage Foundation for a series of presentations focused on understanding the dramatic changes brought about by the rise of President-elect Trump and Trumpism, as well as the policy challenges facing the new Administration, Congress, and the nation.

The following is an excerpt from Part I of the ‘Understanding Trump and Trumpism’ series, delivered January 10, 2017 at the Heritage Foundation. To view upcoming speeches, click here.

Understanding Trump and Trumpism

It is important to understand both the President-elect and the powerful populist movement that propelled Trump to victory. The combination of President-elect Trump's key policies and proposals, the emerging empowering technologies and techniques, and the underlying movement of the American people is what I am calling “Trumpism.”

It is important to codify, clarify, and explore the concept of Trumpism because implementing it will require the work, initiative, and creativity of thousands of Americans.

Because our national media focuses so much on the President we have a very misleading sense of how fundamental change occurs in America.

Despite 84 years of liberal efforts to dominate America from Washington, America remains remarkably decentralized with an enormous depth of local leadership.


  • There are over 513,000 elected officials.
  • Republicans have over 4,100 state legislators (the most in the 162-year history of the Republican Party).
  • There are 33 Republican Governors, the most since 1922.

In fact, in 25 states there’s absolute Republican control of the executive and legislative branches. This is a remarkable opportunity to implement Trumpism at the state and local level, and it is also a remarkable opportunity to create an active state-federal transformation which targets the worst aspects of the liberal system and transforms them into the new Trump model.

In Washington, the decentralization continues. There are currently 52 Republican Senators and 247 Republican House Members. They have a staff of approximately 7,500 people.

Even in the executive branch, there is a vast army of people necessary to implement President Trump's plans. There is a Cabinet with the Vice-President and the heads of 15 executive agencies. There are over 4,000 presidential appointees. The Senior Executive Service has around 7,700 members. There are over 900 general officers in the military. Even in the executive branch the President needs a great deal of coordination and cooperation to get anything done.

This huge number of active players is why it is important to create a clear understanding of both President-elect Trump and of Trumpism as a movement that has to be implemented by many people, in many different arenas, working on many different challenges.

The central proposition of this series is that November 8, 2016 was a watershed.

A watershed is a very large, or as President-elect Trump might say “huge” change. The old order is on one side of the watershed and a not yet understood, slowly emerging and clarifying new order is growing on the new side of this watershed.

We will know in a year if this is a real watershed.

Watch my entire speech in the video above.

I will continue with Part II of the ‘Understanding Trump and Trumpism’ series this Thursday, January 12, 2017 at 11am ET. The speech will be streamed live on Facebook and transcript and video will be made available at Gingrich Productions and The Heritage Foundation following the presentation.

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Duplicity by Newt Gingrich : http://tiny.cc/5abr9x
Duplicity by Newt Gingrich : http://tiny.cc/5abr9x


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  • 5 thoughts on “Why It’s Important to Understand Trump & Trumpism

    1. I see the data and the arguments, but its still hard for me to view Trumps election to President as a fundamental shift in the populace. President Trump squeeked by in many states. Of course I sit here in the home of the weird – California, which is so far left in its thinking and socialism, its hard to see these shifts. I would like to think people are becoming a little more commonsensical and wanting the federal government to stop trying to control every aspect of ones daily life, but what caused them to shift? There are times I think the Democrats would have won had they put forth a more balanced candidate because many state they voted against Hillary and that left Trump. Im not sure there is a true disruption happening or we got a little lucky this time…
      Anyways, Im thankful President Trump won and maybe some balance can be injected into our lives.

      1. No offense; but anyone living in California does not experience the true ‘vibe’ of the nation. You live in a state with warped mirrors (like in the carnival funhouse) and thus can’t determine whether or not things are in proportion. So don’t count on any ‘balance’ coming to your state because it won’t happen. On the plus side I am sure your feet are not nailed to the floor and you are able to leave California pronto before it (soon) collapses and have the common sense to vacate.

        1. I actually DO take offense. You guys run around thinking we in CA do things differently that the rest of you, as if this stupid “vibe” of yours is an abstract to us. We get up every fucking day and shit and shower and go do our thing like most of you do. I pay taxes and rent and drop my daughter off at a decent public school and hope she has a good day, just like the rest of you hope for your kids.

          Please explain just what it is that you in your state hold dearer than I – and many like myself – hold dear in my state? Do you think you hope for more for your kids than I do for mine? Do you think I teach them to embrace every aspect of liberal life? Or that being white is a sin? Or that it’s not acceptable to try to be best at anything? Do you pay a higher moral tax? Maybe your bread is more patriotic? My family has had every generation supply sons for military service since 1900, so maybe that makes us good enough for this vibe, maybe makes us good enough to eat at the big table?

          There are a number of things that I disagree with from the areas I lived in during my lifetime, so the rest of you will have to work hard to convince me you live in Utopias; I’ve lived in a number of places across this country from NY down to Tennessee, and every one of those places had political issues. Many of you simply exchanged liberalism for corruption as an acceptable way of life. Maybe a lower Mean Family Income is fair as long as 16 is a legal marrying age in your state. Yee-Haw!

          The Ca legislature passed a couple of gun issues without public concensus, and these restrictions were a fait accompli signed into law by the Governor. Fear – not liberalism – carried the day at the ballot box on the other issues. I’ll say that again: the restrictive internet ammo ban was voted into law not because of liberal Stepford citizens, but by fearful parents who were sold on the idea that schoolyard shootings – even if only one – could be prevented by making ammo harder to get. Anyone who doesn’t understand the value of fear at the polling station – no matter if the facts are misgiven – is stupid. Very stupid.

          And none of you who live in gun-totin’ shoot ’em up states are as safe with your gun rights as you think you are; Trump got lucky by competing against the only politician in this country he could beat (the stupid DNC won’t make that mistake again) so the 2nd – as you see it – is safe for you right now, but who knows what will happen in your own state the next time a couple of loser high school kids shoot up a few school rooms. You refuse to recognise that EVERY state has pressure to enact stricter gun control – hell, even Texas had some bills before its legislature, I do believe – and the fact that it hasn’t yet doesn’t mean it won’t. When it does happen, will you then fall into that catagory of not feeling the Vibe of the rest of the country? You’d all be sweating if Clinton had won it, and you’ll be sweating again in another four years if Trump fucks it up

          You use our so-called Blue State status to poke at us, not recognizing – here I go explaining it again – that so much of the liberal affectation is simply a select set of conditions that set the example, and you further assume we’re all supportive of those conditions. The Southern end of the state, with its higher drain on social resources, calls the shots for the entire state. Even when we had a popular Republican governor there was still a general liberal perspective on the political scene when it came to social services.

          One last thing: all these gun control restrictions that have been put in place in CA have so-far survived judicial review or threat, even if only by small margins, which means they’ll probably be legal in your own states should that kind of legislation occur.

          1. I resided in CA for 35 years, 20 years ago, I left for greener pastures, literally speaking. It was the best decision I ever made. I still have 2 sons and 6 grandkids still residing there, so every year I spend a couple of weeks there visiting friends and family. Every year I promise myself it will be the last time and each return trip there is never any improvement, it is the
            always “same ole, same ole” stuff!!!!

            1. When I left the military I had planned on living in Virginia, but I returned to CA to care for my mother when C showed its ugly face. Afterward, it was easy to just stay. Frankly, the state’s no worse than anywhere else. I think the state has too many entities that try too hard to be seen as enlightened and want to be first to be seen as such by everyone else. Sadly, that enlightenment manifests itself easiest with liberalism. Universities and politicians are the most guilty, I think; universities teach – inadvertently – elitism disguised as liberalism, while politicians embrace it and legislate its protection. Both entities generate nothing but rhetoric and never realize the importance of the regular working dude.

              I have family here, and guns aren’t that important to them, thus they don’t froth at the lips like so many of the characters reading these articles when gun laws are passed. Me, I don’t particularly find guns that important, either. My frustration all stem from the insane codification the legislature feels are necessary, and the inate dishonesty seen from Sacramento. Dishonesty is in place in all state governments everywhere, almost as if it’s a job requirement for politicians, but I’m more sensitive to it if it’s done using magician’s props.

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