Inteliscope to Demo Smartphone Thermal Scope Products at SHOT Show

Inteliscope Smartphone Thermal Scope Products
Inteliscope Smartphone Thermal Scope Products
Inteliscope, LLC

SANDPOINT, Idaho -( Inteliscope today announced it will demo new products at the 2017 SHOT Show January 17 – 20 at the Sands Expo Center in Las Vegas, booth N335 in the NEXT Pavilion and in the new products display area.

“Check out Inteliscope at SHOT Show and see how we use smartphone technology on the rifle or on a bow, to enhance both the day and night shooting experience.” said Jason Giddings, Inteliscope’s CEO.

Inteliscope LLC develops and manufactures smartphone accessories for the rifle and bow. Product lines include the Inteliscope PRO+ Mount that allows shooters to attach any smartphone to a rifle for use as a riflescope and gun camera.

Additionally, Inteliscope products include Apple and Android apps as well as a SEEK Thermal camera to provide a full thermal nightscope for under $500. Inteliscope can also be used with hundreds of other apps such as bullet drop calculators or mapping apps.

Inteliscope manufactures the only thermal scope system in the world that can be mounted on a bow.


About Inteliscope:

Inteliscope LLC is a business entity established to bring to market the Inteliscope tactical firearm mount and smartphone device Apps. Inteliscope products are designed and made in North Idaho. The Inteliscope adapter may be purchased online at or from over 600 dealers worldwide.

Inteliscope, the Inteliscope logo and Inteliscope PRO+ are trademarks of Inteliscope. Other company and product names may be trademarks of their respective owners.

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bad idea

smart phones not designed for recoil force of being on a gun of any kind

nice way to destroy your phone


Can’t be any worse than what the average person abuses their phones … Take me for example … My phone has met more pavement and concrete than my feet have and it still works .. It’s just a little hard to look through the cracks to see a picture …


@jamie…..that was exactly my first thought upon reading this article. For a Bow…..probably ok. For a firearm larger than .22 WMR, recoil will eventually destroy the phone. The G forces produced on the slide of a larger caliber firearm when it fires are much higher than most would think. I agree…bad idea!

James Barns

All speculation unless one of you know the G force rating of a particular cell phone….however, I tend to side with Roger.

Dr Dave

I used the original one since it came out on both a AR and a custom 338 Lapua Magnum have run MANY hundreds of rounds thru them and no damage to any of 4 phones or the rifles themselves
Was going to try them on a Ruger Mark but decided it was stupid
Dr D