Intruder Killed, Another Injured In Home Invasion

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Home Invasion
Intruder Killed, Another Injured In Home Invasion
Bob Irwin
Bob Irwin

USA –-( AZ Central reports 12-29-2016 in Laveen, Arizona, according to detectives, 19-year-old and a second unknown person attempted to force their way into the home after making contact with a resident.

As the force-your-way-in was happening, the resident fired. His bullet killed a 19 year old. A wounded accomplice fled in a white truck that police were able to trace to a hospital.

A Phoenix police spokesman, said several people were reported to have fled the area following the shooting in the 4100 block of South 62nd Lane. (I expect all will be rounded up as they blame each other).

A neighbor, who lives a few doors down said that he and a second neighbor were arrested after walking outside to see what happened. “I guess we were just outside at the wrong time,” he said, adding that he and the second man were in police custody for about 30 minutes.

Police were looking for a third intruder who was actually inside the house.


When the cops are arriving at a hot shooting incident, anybody wandering around is likely to be detained. It takes a bit of time to sort out who is who.

If the police are responding, you might consider, waiting a bit before you add to their confusion, especially if you are thinking about running over to the scene armed, intending to help.

Try to be understanding of the Officers viewpoint, they have no idea who is who until they get the scene under control! If you get handcuffed, just be courteous.

Bob Irwin, The Gun Store, Las Vegas

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As I have said on soooooo many occasions now; but still bears repeating, ( SLUGS FOR THUGS, these guys were thugs and they received just what they needed; some hot lead slugs. If you do something stupid then you will get a few slugs. These guys get the Darwin award for what they did one is dead the other is going to be charged for that, what do you expect from stupid kids.

Jeff D. Taxachusetts

What a waste of human life! There is clearly no winners here. 19 years old? The homeowner clearly did the correct thing. I bet the others will not learn a lesson in life. They will bury their friend and go on doing things like this. Believe me, I hope I am wrong, but I don’t think so! There is a home invasion in this country every day if not more. Who the f*** does anybody think they are that they can just barge into a home and steal?? He got what he deserved.!

A.R. Reyes

No Comments–just a saying; have gun will shoot, when invaded. Those scums of the earth must learn.