The Knight & Hale Double Tap Inhale/Exhale Predator Call

Knight & Hale Double Tap Predator Call
Knight & Hale Double Tap Predator Call
Knight & Hale Game Calls
Knight & Hale Game Calls

Birmingham, AL-( Knight and Hale Game Calls, a legendary call brand known for its dedication to creating calls that produce the most life-like wildlife sounds, unveils the Double Tap Inhale/Exhale Predator Call, designed to lure in the most cautious coyotes, bobcats and fox with a wide range of sounds—making it one of Knight and Hale’s most versatile predator calls.

The inhale/exhale design of the Double Tap creates the combination of multiple sounds in a single game call, ranging from the high-pitched sounds of small prey in distress, to the deeper sounds of larger prey—or even creating the sounds of multiple species in distress at the same time. Exhale into the game call for very loud, high-pitched sounds that accurately mimic the sound of prey in distress, and inhale to mimic the deeper sounds of slightly larger prey. Two sounds with one call, in one breath.

As an integrated bonus, the Double Tap even allows die-hard predator hunters to bark or growl like another predator. When combined with distress calls, you can create the realistic sounds of a prey animal being attacked by an intruding predator, triggering both hunting and territorial reactions predators cannot resist.

There’s no longer a need to carry multiple predator calls into the woods to get a variety of sounds. Whether you want to depict a coyote attacking a cottontail or two prey animals being attacked at the same time, the Double Tap can do it all.

Double Tap Inhale/Exhale Predator Call Highlighted Features:

  • Extremely unique inhale/exhale design
  • Perfect for calling shy or educated predators
  • Creates multiple distress animal sounds
  • Two-in-one predator call
  • Mimic larger or smaller prey and predators
  • Different sounds for exhale and inhale

The MSRP for the Double Tap Inhale/Exhale Predator Call is $7.99.

For more information about the Double Tap Predator Call or any other Knight & Hale hunting products, contact Glenn Walker at [email protected] or visit

About Knight & Hale Game Calls

With a product line that includes turkey, waterfowl, deer, predator, small game and big game, Knight & Hale calls have been in every corner of North America. Likewise, numerous world champion callers have been crowned with the help of a Knight & Hale call. Whether it’s a friction call or bugle—or it produces a grunt or a yelp—every Knight & Hale call comes with real hunting experience, as if it’s molded into the construction. It’s those practical insights that guide product development … and hunter success.