Knight & Hale Releases New T-Bone’s Turkey Magnet

Knight & Hale’s T-Bone’s Turkey Magnet
Knight & Hale’s T-Bone’s Turkey Magnet
Knight and Hale Game Calls
Knight and Hale Game Calls

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. -( Knight and Hale Game Calls, a legendary call brand known for its dedication to creating calls that produce the most life-like wildlife sounds, introduces the first truly hands-free friction call on the market, the T-Bone’s Turkey Magnet.

Rare earth magnets hold the call safely against the non-action side of steel receiver shotguns, putting the calling lever within easy reach of the thumb on your trigger hand.

When the bird is in sight, and every movement is another chance to spook him, the Turkey Magnet is your best shot at pulling that bird into range and putting him down hard.

Designed by Bone Collector’s T-Bone Turner, the Turkey Magnet is the innovation all hunters have been waiting for.

As the first truly hands-free friction call, T-Bone’s Turkey Magnet provides realistic yelps, clucks, and purrs—without forcing the hunter to take either hand off of the shotgun. This call excels where others fall short—when the action is up close and the tom’s drumming is ringing in your ears.

Give up movement, not sound quality, with T-Bone’s Turkey Magnet.


T-Bone’s Turkey Magnet Highlighted Features:

  • Designed by Bone Collector’s T-Bone Turner
  • Yelp, cluck and purr with both hands on your gun in shooting position
  • Attaches to steel receiver shotguns via rare earth magnets
  • Stays attached when shooting most magnum shells
  • Comes off easily without leaving residue or attachments on your gun

The MSRP for T-Bone’s Turkey Magnet is $39.99

For more information about any Knight & Hale hunting products visit their website.


About Knight & Hale Game Calls:

With a product line that includes turkey, waterfowl, deer, predator, small game and big game, Knight & Hale calls have been in every corner of North America. Likewise, numerous world champion callers have been crowned with the help of a Knight & Hale call. Whether it’s a friction call or bugle—or it produces a grunt or a yelp—every Knight & Hale call comes with real hunting experience, as if it’s molded into the construction. It’s those practical insights that guide product development … and hunter success.