L.A.G. Tactical holsters on the line at Range Day SHOT Show 2017

L.A.G. Tactical holsters on the line at Range Day SHOT Show 2017
L.A.G. Tactical holsters on the line at Range Day SHOT Show 2017
L.A.G. Tactical
L.A.G. Tactical

Reno, Nev.-(Ammoland.com)- L.A.G. Tactical, the premiere producer of custom production Kydex holsters and firearms accessories, has announced that they will be demonstrating their products at the 2017 Industry Day at the Range preceding SHOT Show 2017 on Monday, January 16th.

The company’s premium holsters will be available for live-fire use in conjunction with targets from Triumph Systems, Lakeshore Ammunition, and handguns from Century Arms’ Canik product line.

Considered the largest and most influential one-day event in the hunting and shooting industry, Industry Day at the Range allows media and industry members to try products out in a live-fire environment. For 11 years, Industry Day has been the epicenter where gun, archery and hunting manufacturers, dealers, buyers, retailers and the media join together for one day on the range where new products are unveiled, tested and analyzed. It provides an exclusive, hands-on experience that one cannot get anywhere else.

“This is an exciting event for us and a great way to start off the year,” said Evan Prive-Shereck, the President and Founder of the company. “It’s pretty rare for a holster company to have a dedicated presence on the firing line at Range Day. We are firm believers that if you get a chance to use our product, you will truly appreciate the quality and attention to detail that goes into every model. This is a chance for us to prove it to one of the most influential audiences in the industry.”

L.A.G. Tactical will have a selection of their holsters on hand for attendees to try on and draw from while engaging targets from Triumph Systems as well as answer any questions attendees may have about their products and process.

Industry Day at the Range is a very exclusive event with only qualified media and industry buyers attending. Registration has been closed as attendee capacity has been reached and there is no onsite registration.

You can find more information here: www.ShotShowRangeDay.com

To learn more about L.A.G. Tactical, please visit www.LAGTactical.com

About L.A.G. Tactical

L.A.G. Tactical was founded with the vision of providing a better product with better service at a reasonable price. Maintaining their roots as a custom producer of premium Kydex holsters, L.A.G. continues to provide a full custom shop that is able to produce unique holsters built to the customer’s specifications. With nationwide distribution with partners like Cabela’s, L.A.G. has continued to grow their offering, constantly releasing new models and features.

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