Man Shoots At Wife Thinking She Is Intruder; Bullet Grazes Her Ear

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Man Shoots At Wife Thinking She Is Intruder; Bullet Grazes Her Ear
Bob Irwin
Bob Irwin

USA –-( The reports 12-17-2016 in Ooltewah, Tennessee, at approximately 4:20 a.m., the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office responded to Blanche Road for the report of a person shot.

When authorities arrived, it was found that the husband had been sleeping in the bedroom and was awakened by his wife who had been downstairs in the kitchen working.

When the wife returned to the bedroom, the husband was awoken, startled, and apparently accidentally fired his weapon believing she was an intruder.

Fortunately, the bullet grazed the wife’s ear and caused no serious injury. The wife was transported to a local hospital for medical review.


WOW! This was really lucky for the resident considering what could have gone wrong.

When I suggest loud verbal warnings, some will conclude that such would give away your position if an actual intruder is present. That is certainly true. Each situation must be considered on its own details.

Being half asleep and having an unknown target is a poor combination. In this case, the husband clearly did not see a viable target and apparently had his finger on the trigger. This is an unintentional firing by all accounts.

Unless the intruder is stabbing you at the moment, take a few seconds to awaken and be sure you are cognizant of your situation.

Bob Irwin, The Gun Store, Las Vegas

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Kevin L. Jamison

I have always taught that throwing a lightstick at the end of the hall/bottom of steps/doorway will expose the source of the noise and tell the noisemaker that someone is there. To get to you he has to go through a pool of light. You are in the dark at the top of the stairs.


As Clint Smith Said once, in a safety video covering the 4 rules, “If you’re scared of the dark turn on the light!”

We as gun owners need to stop doing goofy stuff. CYA and make sure of your target. Adrenaline aside if you cant handle the pressure retreat and calm down.


Get the tiny night lights that are used for hallways and bathrooms. Put one in every electrical outlet in the house that is not in a bedroom. This will give you a back light silhouette for anyone walking around in your home when the lights are out. You will immediately recognize family from strangers and not accidentally shoot a loved one.

If the white lights are too bright, use red bulbs.

Roy D.

One of two things happened here. Either she managed to survive a murder attempt or once again it is shown that there are people out there that have no business possessing a firearm because they are just that stupid.

JorgeNorberto Pedace



There is never an excuse to shoot blindly in the dark, especially when there are other occupants in the home, wife, children, etc. And no excuse not to have illumination. If you can afford a weapon, you can afford a flashlight. Every training session and every session at the range should start with the rules of engagement. Even when I was active duty a military member can be charged for shooting civilians when in a war zone and in a fire fight. Freedom comes with responsibility.

Whiskey For Your Men Beer For Your Horses

The husband should invest into a decent high lumen tactical flashlight and keep it next to his bed. Could you imagine shooting your wife? Mine would use that against me forever. I could hear her saying, “remember that time you shot me” every time she wanted something!


Impossible! You can’t know what you don’t know. Do you think he knew he was wrong, that it might not be an intruder? He shot because there was an intruder, to his way of thinking. He was justified, but only in hindsight he sees he was wrong. There is no safe solution to this situation.

Old 1811

He shot at a noise, not an identified threat.
If you hear a person moving around in a house you share with someone else, which is more likely—that it’s (one of) your fellow resident(s), or that it’s an intruder?
There’s no way this can be justified.

Tom R.

Whether it was the wife or the husband that told the story to the police, said story doesn’t pass the smell test…