Man Who Shot Dead Robber 11 Times, Won’t Face Charges

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Steven Hurston
Steven Hurston
Bob Irwin
Bob Irwin

USA –-( The Times Free Press in Chattanooga, Tennessee reports 1-06-2017 a 30-year-old Chattanooga man who shot and killed a 19-year-old man in March will not face criminal charges in the slaying, according to police.

Investigators decided the shooter acted within the law when he shot a would-be robber 11 times at a Hixson, Tennessee apartment complex in March of 2016.

The shooter had connected with a 20 year old woman on, a website where users solicit sex for money. They arranged to meet just after midnight at the apartment complex on Hamill Road. As the pair walked toward the complex, the robber appeared, pointed a gun at the victim and demanded money.

The victim refused to give the robber any money. He pulled his own weapon as soon as he had a chance and ordered the robber to put down the gun. He then fired several times.

The shooter called 911 and held the robber at gunpoint until police arrived. He was shot eight times in the arms, twice in the shoulder and once in the chest, according to his autopsy.

Family members of the robber and woman told investigators that the pair had been working together for some time to pull off robberies with the same plan.

After his death, the robber was identified as the suspect in a shooting that happened two weeks earlier. In that case, a 35 year old victim was shot in the head and was later able to identify his attacker as the now deceased robber.


Nine months of waiting to see if the victim/shooter here would face charges. Probably caused by the unusual number of shots fired and their placement in the dynamic motion of the fight.

It helped that the deceased robber was now identified as a murderer in the second case. I suspect the shooter here needed a more aggressive attorney on his side.

Advice here is to avoid hook-ups on Backpage……!

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NC Shooter

Shot placement, the guy needs some range time. Only 1 round to the torso, 8 to his arms and 2 to the shoulder.
What caliber are we talking about, some people do carry 22lr for self-defense

BillyBob Texas

Old 1811 – EXACTLY RIGHT !

For all you macho-guys who want to show it off….in this case – and probably many others – it could have caused the bad-guy to finish you off before you even realized he was there.

HIDE THE DAMN THING….and surprise HIM with it……Remember, having the SURPRISE gives you a BIG advantage….don’t make yourself the first target the badguy takes out!


11 hits on the bad guy, that is some darn good shooting I say!

Jim Macklin

Robberies and shootings seem to follow such hook-ups and drug deals. Avoiding two risky and illegal recreation reduces the danger of being robbed or shot or having to defend your shooting.

BillyBob Texas

A VERY good reason NOT to be carrying a pea-shooter.

AND one with enuff bullets to do the job…….I’ve moved up from a Shield (7) to a Glock-19 (16)


this sort of incident (though you’d never find a robber attacking ME as I walk with a whore under my hire) is pressuring me toward finding a good carry rig and beginning to bet better scquainted with my old Browning High Power. That is a wonderful handgun…. and I’ve got 13 and 15 round mags for them.


any gun fight that you walk away from is a win. like the old saying goes,
keep shooting until the threat is removed. Now what if the good guy(I use
the term loosely)had been carrying a 5-6shot revolver, or even a single
shot, it could have been a lot worse, and quite a different ending. Carry
always, and make mine a double stack.

R Lynch

Comment #1: According to the title of the article, the shooter shot a dead guy 11 times! If the robber was already dead, why waste the ammo on him?
Comment #2: BTW, Is there an editor in the house, or OOPs, did the editor rewrite the title?
Comment #3: If the shooter shot the dead guy 11 times and only hit the center mass 1 time, which killed the guy, then the shooter needs to spend more time at the range and with an instructor!
Comment #4: Great Second Amendment articles! Keep’em coming!

Bob G

You don’t have enough information to discount 11 shots. There are many shootings involving cops in which the cop shoots the BG 7, 8, 9 times, some of those shots striking arms and shoulders and thighs, etc. Considering how aften rounds miss in a dynamic shooting, I would say 11 hits is a remarkable number. I’m not keen on commenters eagerly criticizing incidents like this without recognizing what DID occur; in what appears to be a robbery involving two antagonists – one of whom appears to have been bait – the shooter, with the focus of the robber on him,… Read more »

Wayne Clark

Tennessee has open carry…but you have to have a carry license to do it, so basically, concealed or open, you have to be permitted. The fact that he wasn’t charged with illegal carry, tells me he had one.

Old 1811

I doubt very much if he was open carrying. If he had been, one of two things would have happened: The whore would have either aborted the mission or tried to talk him into leaving the gun in his car, or the robber would have either disarmed him from behind (the whore was steering him), shot him immediately, or just aborted.
Criminals aren’t stupid, just crooked.

Old 1811

The headline says, ‘ . . . shot dead robber 11 times . . .” That sentence means that the robber was dead when he was shot, a horrible waste of perfectly good powder and lead.
Editing is everything.


read for intent. You’re not the Blue Pencil Guy. Though a sharper Blue Pencil muight be useful if only to preempt such comments as this. It was clear what was intended

Another valid interpretation would be that the man shot eleven times was dead at the time of writing, so, considering status as of that time, the dead guy WAS shot eleven times.

Old 1811

I know I’m not the Blue Pencil Guy. But every reader is his own Blue Pencil Guy, and mistakes like that make the writer look stupid or lazy or both and undermine his message. I’ll give you your “valid interpretation,” but the meaning of the sentence is actually that the robber was dead when he was shot 11 times. Here’s an example of what I mean: “Commenter beat dead horse.” Was the horse dead at the time of the beating (my interpretation), or is it a description of a past beating of a horse that’s now dead? My head hurts… Read more »

Nate Larue

Avoid hookups on any page!


The woman and the robber’s family members may be charged with murder in the first degree, since SOMEONE was killed due to their actions. One can only hope…

Old 1811

This guy was lucky if he wasn’t charged with soliciting. The article doesn’t say.
A reminder, folks: Prostitutes are criminals. They associate with other criminals. They want your money and they don’t much care how they get it.
When I read the first sentence about the victim “connecting” with the woman on that website, I said to myself, “They were in on it together. She set him up.”
I’m an oracle! Now that Miss Cleo is dead, I have a future!

Jim S

Well done


That Crack really did kill !


me too me too me tooo. first tning I thought, Obvious. I suppose the shooter, though justified, might draw a lesson from his near extinction. Had that punk been a bit more on the ball, today;s self-defence shooter would have been yesterday’s armed robbery victim, dead and buried. dont now of prostitution (soliciting or providing) is a crime in tennessee.. it might not be. Perhaps this chap would do well to examine that list of “thou shalt not” activities… theft, murder, and adultery are all on that same list. the other guy was all on about two of them, the… Read more »