Media Matters Obsessed With NRATV


USA – -( Media Matters and its chief anti-gun propagandists Timothy Johnson and Cydney Hargis, are obsessed with NRATV. And like a true stalker, the fake news blog treats its obsession with abuse, lies and defamation.

Since NRATV launched, Johnson, an art major, has regularly gone after Veteran U.S. Navy SEAL Dom Raso, and attempted to defame millennial gun-rights advocate Colion Noir with attacks angled in the way of race (the last one didn’t work out too well for him on social media).

Hargis, who has written for organizations that include Al-Jazeera, recently joined the fray. Her favorite hit-piece target is Grant Stinchfield, host of “Stinchfield,” a live news cast whose regular guests include Dana Loesch and LtCol Oliver North.

On Monday, Hargis took her anti-Second Amendment rhetoric to a new extreme after Stinchfield inadvertently cited a Chicago murder happening “every 11 minutes” instead of “every 11 hours” during a live broadcast. Hargis used the split-second word-slip to falsely attack the NRA for “exaggerating” Chicago’s violence. Yet, she failed to acknowledge the rampant violence in one of America’s largest cities being a problem. Of course, that unfortunate fact doesn’t fit into her elitist agenda.

“One murder every 11 hours is unacceptable in my book. I do not need to exaggerate that,” Stinchfield said on Tuesday in response. “Apparently, in the left-wing Media Matters world, 762 murders a year is no big deal.”

While Media Matters lacks substance, Stinchfield and the NRA come up with real solutions. “I try to come up with solutions like the swift appointment of attorney general nominee Jeff Sessions, simply so the rule of law can be enforced in Chicago and criminals can be put on notice,” Stinchfield said on Tuesday. “Media Matters wants to focus on name calling. I’d like to focus on saving people’s lives.”

Maybe Johnson and Hargis will muster the courage to come on “Stinchfield.” Until then, we wish them an enjoyable time with their new favorite obsession.

Watch Grant Stinchfield’s response above and Retweet the below if you believe in real solutions instead of fake news.

“Stinchfield” airs live on weekdays at the top of the hour from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. ET. Past episodes are available on NRATV On Demand.

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The best example of what the liberal agenda can accomplish. A war zone in one of our largest cities while Emanual stands by with a sh!t eating grin on his dumb face and Obama claims Chicago as his home town. You wouldn’t be able to make this stuff up. Libs?

robert dean penny
robert dean penny

same sh*t different day SSDD.