Montana Attorney General Opinion, Rules Missoula Ordinance Unenforceable

Republic of Montana
Montana Attorney General Opinion, Rules Missoula Ordinance Unenforceable
Montana Shooting Sports Association
Montana Shooting Sports Association

Montana – The Montana Attorney General, Tim Fox, has released the requested opinion about the enforce-ability of the Missoula ordinance requiring government background checks for private transfers of firearms.

You can access the AG opinion below or at the link found here:

As expected, this AG Opinion declares the Missoula ordinance to be in conflict with controlling state law, and to be unenforceable.

From the ruling: ” A city or other local government entity with self-governing powers is prohibited by Montana state law from enforcing a local regulation or ordinance requiring background checks on firearm sales or transfers within its borders. “

Addressing the Missoula ordinance this way, and putting the wheels in motion for this AG Opinion, was something MSSA initiated over a year ago. We’re glad this planting finally bore the expected fruit. This is yet another example of what MSSA does for Montana gun owners.

For more examples, see:

If you are not already an MSSA member, you should really join to be a part of our longstanding success. MSSA membership information is available at:

Best wishes, Gary Marbut.

About Montana Shooting Sports Association: 

Montana Shooting Sports Association ( MSSA ) is the primary political advocate for Montana gun owners.



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Captain america

That last line was supposed to be ; thankfully the states Att. General ruled it unenforceable!! Sorry folks but my computer seems to be possessed by the lunatic left

Captain America

It’s the work of the California commies trying to make the western states kolonies with the help of anti American Bloomberg and his money!disgusting, evil work of the satanworshipping n w o Anti-America peopleSickening!,!nthankfully the stars at tourney ruled it unenforceable!!

James Bailey

I did not know that Mizzou had turned into a Bastion of left-wing idiocy!

When did the low-life, scum-sucking, left-wing Marxist bottom feeders take power there?

It is time, past time, two clean the scum from the floor and Mizzou!


It started back in the 60s when the left coast moved in. Never like Missoula, then or now., as it’s not representative of Montana.

Jim S

Keep up the fight gentlemen. Nice work.