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JACKSON, Ohio -(Ammoland.com)- Ohio 4-H Shooting Sports recognized its sponsors for their contributions during 2016 at the Shooting Hunting and Outdoors Tradeshow (SHOT) held January 16-20 at the Las Vegas Sands Convention Center.

Recognized for their significant contribution were Smith & Wesson, Federal Premium Ammunition, Hodgdon Powder Company and Michigan Ammo, LLC.

The SHOT show is the largest industry trade show in the world featuring more than 1,600 exhibitors showcasing firearms, ammunition and shooting & hunting accessories, as well as products specifically designed for the law enforcement and armed forces markets.

The 2017 show attracted more than 65,000 industry professionals, the second highest attendance in SHOT history.

“This is a very important industry event with all of the major companies represented. We have the opportunity to recognize our sponsors in a forum where they can be noticed by their customers, the press and other industry experts,” says Larry Harris, Ohio’s Program Coordinator. “It also gives us a platform to discuss our program and the importance of their contribution with industry executives who may not otherwise get to hear it firsthand.”

During 2016, Ohio’s 4H Shooting Sports program had over 5000 registered youth participating in 84 counties. Shooting instruction is led by certified adult instructors who have completed a structured weekend workshop training.

Ohio 4-H Shooting Sports holds its annual Summer Shooting Education Camp during July of each year in Jackson, Ohio. Up to 180 boys and girls from several states attend what is nationally recognized as one of the largest camps of its kind.

This 6-day learning experience for kids age 12-18, focuses on the safe, responsible and ethical use of firearms and archery equipment.

Campers choose the discipline of their choice such as Archery, Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun or Living History, with all having multiple levels. The main focus of the camp is shooting safety education and youth development, but campers obtain technical instruction from some of the best firearms instructors the industry has to offer.

Ohio’s Shooting Education Camp is much more than just shooting, as campers also enjoy hiking, canoeing, swimming, crafts, fishing, high ropes, challenging games, hunter education and much more. In addition to the weeklong Shooting Education Camp, there is a weekend camp for kids age 9-11, offering the basic disciplines.

“Without the contribution of these sponsors, our program could not exist as we know it,” said Tom Johnston, Ohio 4H Shooting Sports Pistol Program Coordinator. “Their donations mean that we can focus on youth development opportunities such as leadership, responsibility and accountability. Without the commitment of these sponsors, we would not be able to offer the level of instruction and the variety of programs that we do.”

“As our program grows, we experience a huge financial challenge. Our sponsors are committed to ensuring that this challenge is minimized. They provide the firearms, ammunition, equipment and supplies necessary to administer our program. This allows us to keep the cost down to the kids while focusing on the highest level of instruction with the latest in equipment.” says Hal Hardiesty, Ohio’s Rifle Program Coordinator. “As a retired State Trooper and former Probation Officer, I recognize the need to teach kids how to make good decisions in order to be contributing adults. Youth Development is the focus of our program.”

Attending this year’s SHOT show for Ohio 4H Shooting Sports was Tom Johnston, Public Relations and Pistol Program Coordinator; and Seth Dunning, Teen Ambassador.

For more information on Ohio’s 4-H Shooting Education Camp, visit their website or call Ohio’s 4-H Shooting Sports Coordinator, Larry Harris at 740-286-4058.


About Ohio 4-H Shooting Sports:

The mission of the Ohio 4-H Shooting Sports is o teach life skills to 4-H youth through the shooting sports curriculum and activities that will enable boys and girls to reach fullest potential as capable, caring and contributing citizens. For more information on Ohio’s 4-H Shooting Education Camp, call Ohio’s 4-H Shooting Sports Coordinator, Larry Harris at 740-286-4058.

For more information on Ohio’s 4-H Shooting Education Camp, visit their website.