Private Investigator Shoots Teen Threatening with Toy Gun

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Toy Gun Play
Private Investigator Shoots Teen Threatening with Toy Gun
Bob Irwin
Bob Irwin

USA –-( The Washington Times reports on 12-22-2016 in Baltimore, Maryland, a local man was sitting in his car Wednesday afternoon in southwest Baltimore when a number of teenagers approached.

One of the group, later identified as a local 13 year old, opened the car door and displayed a handgun.

The 73 year old intended victim, pulled his own gun and shot the teen. The others with him quickly fled the area, leaving their wounded associate to his fate. The intended victim defending himself was interviewed by detectives.

He turns out to be an ex-police officer working as a licensed private investigator. He has a valid concealed weapon permit issued by Maryland State Police.

The teen was taken to Shock Trauma, where police say he was in critical condition. His “firearm” turned out to be a replica gun.


Another armed victim saves himself! If the criminal attempts to convince you that you are in danger, by pointing a replica firearm, you should absolutely believe him.

It’s unfortunate that one so young is unsupervised and has not been taught the rules of a civilized society. My sympathy goes out to the attempted robbery victim who had no choice. He will likely second guess himself forever over this.

Bob Irwin, The Gun Store, Las Vegas

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approached by “a group of teenagers”? Right there is lethal force…. the disparity of force in numbers justifies the presentation and use of lethal force by the guy in the car, gun, toy gun, or bare hands. Ever watched even a store video of a flash mob invasion of a convenience store? I’ve seen some… those young thugpunks think nothing of bashjing in a few faces, decking some folks, stomping on them once down. Had this chap not been armed, it is extremely likely he’d have been dragged from his ride, beaten senseless, and maybe watched helplessly as they drove… Read more »

Jeffrey Szabo

The title and picture are very misleading. It wasn’t a ‘toy’ gun, but a replica. Very different items. Understandable reaction by man in car. Today, generations of fathers have no clue about firearms, so their kids learn from the liberals on TV and at movies. One wonders about how this all happened, as I had a firearm at age 9, trained by adults back from WWII and Korea! Less than 1% vets in country and lots of people afraid of a tool, field-stripped into 6 parts or so, while driving an automobile with 10,000 parts, and know nothing about anything!… Read more »

Cliff X marylander

A law abiding citizen in Maryland could not defend themselves because they will never have a good enough reason to get a ccw.

Maryland is a may issue state run by democrats.

David C. Telliho

In that case, I`d discretely, and concealed carry a revolver anyway. You can bet the Maryland politicians either have ccw`s themselves, or 24hr security. Yup. Here in print, I state, I`d ignore the damn Maryland law, and carry anyway. A revolver for sure in at least a 38 cal. with the nastiest expanding hollow point ammo I can find. Some criminal would willingly leave one for dead and deserves no consideration as to ammo used in self defense. I think politicians make laws like that so their friends and relatives could prey on unarmed victims with impunity.

Ol' Vet

My question is WHY the article shows a toy gun, but the weapon the gang boy showed the PI was a replica, which is hardly a toy. It is a perfectly fashioned non-firing exactly look alike of a real weapon. Replicas are not toys no matter how you fashion them, and he was absolutely reasonable for drawing his weapon and firing when he saw the replica weapon. Kinda goofy to show a toy when the actual look alike was a real gun look alike. Anyone would have drawn and fired at that. Obviouly the group of teenagers were atypical of… Read more »

Webfoot Logger

Exactly! A replica is not a toy, and the chosen photo presents a completely false and deceptive impression of what happened!

Please correct this immediately!


What do you expect when you bring a toy to a gun fight?

John Hauserman

Who picked the picture that went with the story (toy gun),
the story says the kid showed a replica gun big difference.


Look at it this way. The teenager’s intent was to convince his victim that he had a gun in order to commit a robbery. Because he was successful in his goal, to convince his victim that he presented a real threat, he made the victim”s response to that threat justifiable. It is all too bad, especially the loss of a round that probably cost about $1.25. I think it appropriate that the detective sue the family of the teenager to recover the cost of the ammunition used to neutralize the threat, and for loss of work time, legal fees, and… Read more »

BillyBob Texas

I hope the victim does NOT second guess himself, as you state he might. He’s a seasoned law enforcement officer who has seen LOTS of guns pointed at victims- and he decided NOT to be one. Good for him – bad for the STUPID perp. WHEREVARE THE PARENTS ???????


I refuse to judge anyone in this position. This child’s stupidity is a direct result of an anti gun climate state. I have great empathy for the victim. I also have a story for you to ponder. Earlier this fall I was parked at a country pull off, within 5 miles of my own farm. It was very early, @ 7:00 am. I was to meet a friend to go look at some cattle. While sipping coffee and listening to talk radio, a SUV pulled in behind me. Two males emerged, both armed, one actually had gun in hand barrell… Read more »


Good story.

Roy D.

“It’s unfortunate that one so young is unsupervised and has not been taught the rules of a civilized society.”

And who is going to provide the supervision and teaching, his father? That is hard to do from behind prison walls. Good shoot.


good another punk off the streets for awhile .

Big Lou

He won’t second guess himself,he saved his own life. He will be glad to just be alive to tell his side of the story,not being buried in a box. As for the ones that got away I hope for their sake,the loss of their friend changes their ways for better. It is never to late to learn from ones mistakes but this is a costly one.

Wild Bill

Im Maryland has the felony murder rule, the ones that got away will be wanted for murder and murder cases do not close until all involved perpetrators are convicted.

The Mechanic

Well, there’s some good news!

Matt in Oklahoma

Play stupid games win stupid prizes from the “my baby didn’t do nuffin” crowd

Jeff Szabo

You got that right, BIG TIME!!!! ‘My baby wouldn’t do dat!!!’

Steve Burggren

It’s tough to take a life i’s like ptsd even if you are justified