Signature Solutions Announce Expanded Executive Team, New Packaging

Signature Solutions
Signature Solutions
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SALT LAKE CITY, Utah -( Signature Solutions, Inc., the creator of the S2-USA selector switch safety, announced today that former U.S. Army Major and DHS Branch Chief of FLETC, Kirt Rothe, and marketing and public relations executive, Adam Handelsman, will head the organization’s sales, marketing and media relations efforts.

The company also announced that the S2-USA selector switch safety has new packaging, design and is ready for sales and distribution.

Signature Solutions’ S2-USA safety replaces existing cross bolt safeties with a M4 style Selector Switch Safety designed for shotguns. Currently, the innovative product replaces the existing cross bolt safety in Remington and Benelli shotguns.

The safety is designed for continuity of movement and training for safety manipulation. With this system in place, the operator does not have to think or look to see if the button is completely depressed.

They can utilize years of muscle memory acquired from M4 and AR15 training, enabling swift reaction and the saving valuable seconds.

Former Federal Special Agent and Signature Solutions’ founder and CEO, Judd Erickson, states, “After years of R&D and a soft market launch, it is incredible see the positive reactions from member of law enforcement, the military and civilians. We are now fully ready to bring to our patent pending safety to market. It is also an honor to have Kirt and Adam join the company as senior executives and minority owners.”

As Executive Vice President of Sales, Kirt Rothe, a US Army Major, combat veteran who served tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, and maintains over 20 years of experience in law enforcement, says, “I have known Judd for years, and the moment is saw the S2-USA safety I knew it was an industry game-changer. With a shotgun in virtually every police vehicle, utilized by military and SWAT breacher teams and the primary weapon of choice for home defense, maintaining continuity of training makes it more reliable and safer to operate for everyone.”


About Signature Solutions:

Signature Solutions’ S2-USA M4 style selector switch safety is designed for tactical shotguns. The S2 takes the guesswork out the standard cross bolt safety operation and allows shotgun users to utilize muscle memory, continuity of movement and training for enhanced safety manipulation.

Currently, the innovative product replaces the existing cross bolt safety in Remington and Benelli shotguns.

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