Store Owner Shoots Would-Be Burglar In Face

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Store Owner Shoots Would-Be Burglar In Face
Bob Irwin
Bob Irwin

USA –-( KTHV-TV 11 (CBS) reports on 12-22-2016 in Mountain Pine, Arkansas, a shop owner returned to his Mountain Pine Corner Store around midnight Wednesday evening after grabbing some dinner.

His store was closed but he heard the intrusion alarms going off. He reported that he went inside and saw an armed intruder and some money sitting outside of the register.

He rushed behind the counter and got his shotgun. He told the intruder to drop his gun, but instead the suspect fired a shot. The store owner fired back, striking the would-be burglar in the face.

The suspect was transported to a local hospital. The Garland County sheriff says an investigation is underway.


A wiser choice might have been to simply call the police to search the store. What would he lose by waiting outside? His decision was to search. That’s his choice and his legal right. It’s hard to second guess the citizen that is on the scene as press reports miss a lot of details.

Here we have a bad guy not smart enough to surrender (or at least run) in the face of serious opposition. (Insert gene pool joke here.) A rational reaction cannot be expected of a criminal, they don’t think like you do.

Never bring a pistol to a shotgun fight!

Bob Irwin, The Gun Store, Las Vegas

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Willard Walker

Calling the police is all fine and dandy but with average response time in excess of eight minutes the perpetrator probably would’ve been gone. Assuming the police might and I repeat might have caught the guy after that it would’ve take in the store owner many months to recoup the money and/or propertythat was being stolen. He had every right to protect his property and then use lethal force one fired upon.

Big Bill

Had it been me, Chuck, the first load would have taken more than his face off; I don’t use birdshot or rock salt. My shotgun is loaded with #4 buckshot.


Big Bill, I agree. With birdshot, you just piss him off and leave yourself open for a civil lawsuit. With battle shot (I prefer 00 Buck or slug) the VCA does not survive a head shot in order to sue later. Messes up the carpeting, though…

Wild Bill

, stand closer.


What was the distance from shotgun to face? If it was just a few yards that birdshot COULD BE FATAL since the charge would be about the size of one or two fists.


This shop owner had to be a bad shot or shot at some distance. At close range, even with birdshot, there is not much of a head left much less a face. Have seen the results of a close shot.


Bob Irwin, have you forgotten something? The Constitution plainly declares that the burden for “the security of a free state” rests upon NOT government NOT police NOT military but upon the shoulders of WE THE PEOPLE. this citizen stood fast and shouldered HIS responisibility. He took a criminal out of circulation for however long the silly gummit will keep him off the streets. Likely not long… I’ll wager he’s one of the wandering “homeless” who fill up a good portion of the lot of Takers. Likely known to the local gendarmerie, as well, who may well be inclinded to play… Read more »

Stephen Gregory

…for the judge with the seein’ eye dog…


had it been me shooting , the second barrel would have been for the rest of the face…..double tap


double slap. He will likely wear those scars the rest of his miserable days.


Hope he lost his sight


The owner did the right thing IMO.

Besides, he stood a great chance of having his favorite shotgun stolen too. We know how the libs view stolen firearms..

So, the owner prevented a robbery of his goods, money and fiream. What more could one ask of him?

As for the criminal “disfigurement law suit” IMO…he shoulda/coulda have just stayed home. Any injuries he sustained are solely his own fault.


The thief is forever “branded” as a thief. This reminded me of ‘The Scarlet Letter” where an adultress was marked with an A so all would know what she did and fear the same punishment.


The owner felt had to go inside to get his shotgun. Apparently he was otherwise unarmed. And the burglar might escape while waiting for police.


In Mountain Pine, Arkansas, it might take quite a bit of time to get LEO response. I don’t know this to be a fact, but it’s a possibility.


Quite likely. I live in a very small city in Arkansas, it shares one police officer with another small city for a total population similar to Mountain Pine, at midnight that officer would be home in bed.


This store owner got lucky this time by going in alone. If there had been more than one goblin inside the outcome might have been quite different. Calling some backup would have been a better choice.


The perp lost face, but he would have lost more if the shotgun had been loaded with buckshot or a slug. Now the poor, lost, misunderstood baby will sue in civil court for disfigurement.


cain’t sue. Self defense laws put the perp in the wrong. He made his bed by entering a secured premises with obvious intent to do harm. no lawsuit will get any traction.

Dave Eckart

Unfortunately, even if the suit is unsuccessful, it will still cost the owner dearly ($$$).

Lloyd Dumas

Still laughing about a previous story of the bad guy that was shot in the nuts. Now that one was a complete disarmament.


Gil,you’re strange and very ignorant !


Aw shucks why is the author playing it safe and anti-gun by saying “he should’ve just called the cops just a Lefties recommend” then?

RM Molon Labe

Try again fool…as usual, you make NO sense…

Dave Eckart

Yes, it is odd that he continues to post non-sense like this when he gets shot down (pun intended) every time. A reasonable person would see that the gun owners at this site are good folk with common-sense and are not looking to harm anyone, and just want live peaceful, moral lives. Gil, the reason the author stated the owner should have called the police is because we aren’t “looking for a fight” or any other reason to harm someone. I can understand why the owner looked to see what happened, that is a normal reaction. There could have been… Read more »