Tag-Team Coyotes With Knight & Hale’s His And Hers Howler Combo

Knight & Hale’s His And Hers Howler Combo
Knight & Hale’s His And Hers Howler Combo
Knight & Hale Game Calls
Knight & Hale Game Calls

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. -(Ammoland.com)- Knight and Hale Game Calls, a legendary call brand known for its dedication to creating calls that produce the most life-like wildlife sounds, announces a predator call combo to create the most realistic alpha dog howls and female yips on a diaphragm call without taking your hands off your gun or your eyes of the approaching target.

Knight and Hale’s His and Hers Howler Combo set boasts two hand-cut diaphragm calls to create the most realistic male and female coyote howls on the market, diversifying and enhancing any predator call arsenal when distress calls fail to deliver.


Devil Dog:

“His” side of the combo features the Devil Dog, an easy-to-run diaphragm call that produces loud male alpha howls, yips and barks to call in those territorial coyote packs.


Bad Bitch:
“Her” side of the His and Her Howler Combo comes features the Bad Bitch, the coyote diaphragm call that creates female yips, barks and short howls to bring in the slyest female coyotes and entice the wariest of hard-hunted males.


When paired together, the His and Hers Howler Combo grants hunters with the ability to create life-like reproductive and territorial calls—which can bring coyotes running even after they’ve been hunted hard and have heard every distress call on the market.

His And Hers Howler Combo Highlighted Features:

  • Two hand-cut diaphragm calls
  • Devil Dog: Loud male alpha dog howls, yips and barks
  • Bad Bitch: Creates female yips, barks and short howls
  • Includes a clear plastic case

The MSRP for the His And Hers Howler Combo is $14.99.

For more information about any Knight & Hale hunting products visit their website.


About Knight & Hale Game Calls:

With a product line that includes turkey, waterfowl, deer, predator, small game and big game, Knight & Hale calls have been in every corner of North America. Likewise, numerous world champion callers have been crowned with the help of a Knight & Hale call. Whether it’s a friction call or bugle—or it produces a grunt or a yelp—every Knight & Hale call comes with real hunting experience, as if it’s molded into the construction. It’s those practical insights that guide product development … and hunter success.

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Russell Kepler

March 30, 2017 and still not available on their website.