Teen Car Robber Shot at Close Range

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Timothy James Rivera
Timothy James Rivera
Bob Irwin
Bob Irwin

USA –-(Ammoland.com)- The Baltimore Sun reports 12-17-2016 at 4:30 in the early morning Wednesday, police responded to a reported theft from a car at a home in the 100 block of Hazel Avenue. Baltimore County Police learned a 44-year-old resident saw someone break into his vehicle.

Apparently from the description of events, he went out and confronted the suspect with a rifle in hand. The suspect swung an object, described by police as a knife or screwdriver at the car owner, who responded by shooting the suspect once in “an upper extremity.

The wounded 17-year-old suspect ran off, but was quickly found and taken into custody. He was being treated at an area hospital for his injuries. He is a resident of the nearby Carrollton Ridge neighborhood in South Baltimore.

He is being charged as an adult with first-degree assault, theft, and related charges and is being held without bail at the Baltimore County Detention Center.


OK, the thug brings a knife to a gunfight, got it! Some accompanying data shows a serious criminal history on this suspect. Perhaps not the brightest individual. Who tries to stab a victim who is holding a firearm? The bad guys are always unpredictable.

Going outside to confront a car burglar is not a good idea in most cases. Stay in and call the cops as your property not worth your injury risk. Try to let law enforcement handle it. They have back up, body armor and free lawyers.

That being said, the dispatcher may view this as a report only call making response time the next day. Also the delay in law enforcement response to auto break-in may be an unreasonable risk if you keep a firearm there.

As with any shooting, the devil is in the details.

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  • 15 thoughts on “Teen Car Robber Shot at Close Range

    1. Call the cops and wait 30-45 minutes for them to show up because they don’t want their coffee to get cold or the donuts to get stale. Sorry, I have a pistol and I WILL protect my property.

      1. You’re gonna’ just charge out there – not knowing where the enemy is, how many enemies there are, what your enemy is armed with, what the enemy’s mindset is, whether the enemy has done this before and has practice taking people like YOU out……..

        Ok, so you’ll sneak out your back door and surprise them…….every one of those things STILL exist.

        Stay inside call the cops take another breath – and be glad you can still walk and talk and breath without bleeding …….

        Yeah – you’re PISSED they’re taking your stuff. But you’re ALIVE!

        1. not havng BEEN THERE you have a hard time “reading” the entire situation. Maybe the homeowner read it right….. you don’t know the lay of the land, what else is about, you can’t hear or see anything…. homeowner did. Of all the possible outcomes of this setting the one that played out is amongst the best. Perp caught, locked up, will be charged as aadult, no harm to homeowner, not much to property. No others invilved. To my way of thinking the only two bettter possibilities, first the thing never happened in the first place, second, the punk never made it to hospital. ”

          Now Mummie will be on a mad whinge about her Darlin Baby Boy having got his sorry self poked full f a couple of holes when he was only a young choirboy, ws “getting it right”, and had his whole life ahead of him….. let her weep and moan. No one ever tsught this thugpunk to respect other folk and/or their property. Maybe the pain of that hole in his “upper extremity” will teach him a touch of respect.

        2. Bein in what Louis L’Amour called “the high lonesome. ” And physics not changing, it still being both? I got to side with you on this . Ya see if the “enemy” or OPFOR is allowed to dictate the order of battle ? You are FUBAR . My Father in Law , (Con Then ,Khe San ,as well as Alaska Peace Officer, was retired in the high lonesome. One night @ at 0200 Dad recieves a call from distant neighbors who had a knock on their door, from a “lost” Mexican migrant . Yes at 2 AM. And 180 miles to grocery shop I might add. So dad takes the 590 US 12 Ga Pump and goes to pay a visit in the dark . He finds said individual hiding in brush and questions said individual nice and snug with muzzle to ear . Suspect then admits his “buddies” are coming to pick him up . Ahh not so ‘lost’ after all are we ? Well P/U arrives on the dirt road and suspect skidaddles right on to it and they are never seen again. . Well isn’t that special ! In N.M. mountain country,and spitting distance from old Mexico we call that an Ambush! And if it’s all the same to you? That’s something we old soldiers prefer to avoid . Nope one call out here and you bet your a $$ that the Cavalry is coming. It’s been that way since before any of us were born , and we will all be dust before it changes . Just as sure as Skeeter Skelton ,Elmer Keith,and Bill Jordan have gate duty to keep the commies out of heaven Senior ‘ ! And while the state sport in NM is making fun of Texas ? I’d bleed if need be to make certain we sided with the Republic of Texas before the Republic of California for certain . 🙂 God Bless. (True story and there are a few morals to it .)

    2. OK, the one immediately preceding can be deleted. As soon as I entered it – now at 4:38PM, the previous MISSING two showed up. Notice the time stamp on them. What am I doing wrong.?

    3. I’ve received emails stating there are more comments on here….AND I put one in an hour ago – with no profanity, nor racist, nor xenophobic, nor any disparaging comments. Why are these not showing up – including the one you just emailed me about? And trying to send this complaint to anyone at CONTACTS at the bottom of the page is impossible, too.

    4. We need our cars to go to work, take kids to school and other things. Americans do not tolerate people stealing their cars.

    5. YEP! As the author says – DO NOT GO OUTSIDE TO CONFRONT this kind of thing.
      1. Whatever’s out there getting messed with is NOT worth YOUR LIFE.
      2. If this badguy had a weapon, and didn’t care about YOUR life (good chance of that…) you’d be shot before you get close enuff to see what is going on. And don’t tell me you’d just start shooting at someone because they are standing beside your car in your driveway….
      3. If he had an accomplice standing to the side – YOU’d be shot – even (especially) if you took a shot at his buddy. And don’t tell me you’d be able to ‘get them both’ with your long gun before either of them got you with their pistols.
      4. , Go ahead and tell me what an idiot YOU are by stating ” WELL< "it's MY stuff and no PUNK is gonna' take it !!"

      1. ColionialGirl…..sounds pretty ‘macho’….but what part of my points # 1, 2, and 3 do you dispute….? You single-handedly gonna’ take on two or more? with guns? who don’t give a flip about taking your life? Reeeeeally…is your lawn mower or 4-wheeler – or even your car worth getting shot (killed, paralyzed, disabled, etc….) . For a THING?…
        Pleeeeeeze be careful – and THINK of the possible consequences.

    6. Wow what brain power ! So not only does this miscreant get himself shot ,then charged . He gets himself thrown into BALTIMIRE’S CO. Jail ? Wow I geuss perhaps he has a thing for black men ! Now THAT is the real story here.

    7. Sad that the habitual criminal wasn’t killed. It’s just a matter of time before he graduates to armed robbery and kills someone. Then we’ll look at each other and mouth “What could we do?” His victim will know though, but they won’t be talking. In medicine, when you have a cancer, you remove it.

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