Third of Five World Heritage Rifles to be Auctioned at 45th SCI Hunters’ Convention


( New England Custom Gun Service has donated the third of the five SCI World Heritage Rifle Series guns which will be auctioned on Saturday evening during the 45th Annual SCI Hunters’ Convention, February 1-4, 2017 at the Mandalay Bay Resort in Las Vegas. This rifle will represent Europe, as the theme of the series is the world’s five hunting continents.

The NECGS Rifle will be built on a Johannsen Mauser action featuring a Lothar Walther barrel chambered in 9.3×62. It will have integral EAW scope mounts with a Schmidt & Bender scope. The rifle has a left hand Recknagel ‘Secura’ locking safety and Recknagel trigger. The barrel will be equipped with NECGS sights. There is an extended trigger guard tang featuring Evelyn Ern’s old English scroll engraving as is the balance of the rifle.

The other feature NECGS is incorporating into the gun’s engraving is following along the idea of the ‘World Heritage’ theme. They are having a map of Europe engraved on the floorplate, then Evelyn will find a way to interweave engraving into it. Evelyn chose a nightscape image for the engraving of Europe on the floorplate since NECGS elected to blue the bottom metal.

The gun will be engraved and then the action will be case colored. The one unusual feature the gun will have is there will be 5 grip caps using a detachable system NECGS had used many years ago. The gun will be displayed with an SCI World Heritage grip cap. There will be 4 additional grip caps, each featuring a European game animal one might hunt with a 9.3×62. There will be a boar, stag, roe deer and moose grip caps.

The idea was to build a gun the owner will want to use in the field and will allow him to ‘customize’ it for the hunt. For more information, contact Mark Cromwell at 603-287-4836 and visit