Urgent Call to Action For Idaho Second Amendment Supporters

Rep. Karey Hanks
Rep. Karey Hanks
Idaho Second Amendment Alliance
Idaho Second Amendment Alliance

USA -(Ammoland.com)- They’re at it again!

As I write this, powerful members of the Idaho House are doing everything they can to stall pro-gun bills. Rep. Karey Hanks — Republican-District 35 — is seeking to expand Constitutional Carry to all law-abiding citizens 21 and over.

Rep. Hanks needs your immediate support and we’ll tell you how in just a second. As a reminder, Constitutional Carry was passed just last year.

That means for Idaho citizens who are 21 and older, you can “bear” arms without permission from the government.

However, instead of streamlining the law, and making it easier for citizens and law enforcement to understand, the Idaho legislature complicated the issue.

You see, we are treating non-Idaho residents who are guests here, like 2nd class citizens. Non-residents can already carry their shotguns and rifles, concealed, anywhere in the state without a permit. They can also carry their handguns, concealed, anywhere outside city limits with no permit.

Literally, the only thing that non-residents can’t do is carry a handgun, concealed, inside city limits without a permit!

The image below may provide a better visual for you to understand the current web our law enforcement officers and citizens have to deal with.

Idaho Second Amendment Alliance Idaho Gun Law Chart
Idaho Second Amendment Alliance Idaho Gun Law Chart

Rep. Hanks wants to change all that. But, as we mentioned before, powerful members in the House are trying to stop her.

The Secret Gun Committee — and the gamut of excuses — is in no short supply. That’s why we need you to take immediate action to support Rep. Hanks!

How can you help?

>>> First, we need you to call and email each member of the House State Affairs Committee and tell them you want Rep. Hanks proposal to have a hearing by the end of January.

Tell them to urge Chairman Loertscher to have an immediate hearing on the proposal.

Here are their phone numbers/emails:

Chairman Tom Loertscher:
[email protected] 208-332-1183

Vice Chairman Jason Monks:
[email protected] 208-332-1036

Rep. Lynn Luker:
[email protected] 208-332-1039

Assistant Majority Leader Brent Crane:
[email protected] 208-332-1058

Rep. Joe Palmer:
[email protected] 208-332-1062

Rep. Vito Barbieri:
[email protected] 208-332-1177

Rep. James Holtzclaw:
[email protected] 208-332-1041

Rep. Steven Harris:
[email protected] 208-332-1043

Rep. Randy Armstrong:
[email protected] 208-332-1046

Rep. Pricilla Giddings:
[email protected] 208-332-1033

Rep. Dustin Manwaring:
[email protected] 208-332-1079

Rep. Paulette Jordan:
[email protected] 208-332-1175

That is your job! Take a few minutes of your day and call and email each of them. Be respectful but firm.

>>> Once you have emailed and called the committee members, be sure to sign the petition to remove the residency requirement for Constitutional Carry!

>>> Finally, email Rep. Karey Hanks and tell her “Thank You” for fighting for gun rights in Idaho! Her email is [email protected]

Stand and fight with us and with Rep. Hanks and together we can make this happen!


In Freedom,

Zach Brooks
Chairman of the Board
Idaho Second Amendment Alliance


About Idaho Second Amendment Alliance:

The Idaho Second Amendment Alliance exists to fight for the 2nd Amendment rights of all Idaho citizens. Even in a gun friendly State like Idaho, the 2nd Amendment is under constant threat.

Visit their website.

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G Wayne

Your email is on the mark…but would carry more weight without all the misspellings. (Correct spellings: License, Criminal, Amendment, Lose, Banned, Porous, Networks etc.)

james tinalli

do you want to end up like Australia ? to get a firearm licence here, you must have no crimminal record, no domestic or mental issues, pass a written test on handling & using a firearm & be a member of a gun range for at least 6 months before you can purchase a rifle or shot gun. semi auto firearms are restricted to professional shooters in feral pest control iindustry. automatic weapons are band period, if you are caught with a semi auto or automatic firearm, expect time in prison. law abiding licenced gun owners with registered firearms have… Read more »