Wac’Em Broadheads Introduces the New Steel Expandable

Two-Blade Steel Expandable
Two-Blade Steel Expandable
Wac'Em Archery Products
Wac’Em Archery Products

UVALDE, Texas -(Ammoland.com)-  Wac’Em expandables are back for their sophomore season and are continuing their remarkable growth with the addition of American-forged steel expandables.

Offering unrivaled strength and durability, the steel versions are an impressive addition to Wac’Em’s supremely accurate line of expandable broadheads, which offer a complete mix of field-point precision and efficiency with a sleek, eye-catching design and incredible pass-through power.

Each Wac’Em expandable is engineered to the tightest tolerances and promises supreme efficiency.

Using the same cut-on-impact tip design as Wac’Em’s fixed-blade, the expandable’s tip splits the hide on impact, but its blades do not deploy until half of the broadhead’s body has penetrated the hide.

This unique blade design prevents the Wac’Em expandable from losing kinetic energy in flight and gives it a similar entrance hole to a cut-on-contact fixed blade, while allowing it to get a pass-through in almost every situation.

The Wac’Em expandable offers giant wound channels and exit holes, allowing for much better blood trails resulting in easier tracking. No other expandable boasts such an impressive performance.

Three Blade Steel Expandable
Three Blade Steel Expandable

“The new American-forged steel expandables keep with Wac’Em’s mission of engineering the world’s sharpest, toughest, most accurate broadheads,” David Langston, vice president of Wac’Em Archery Products LLC, said. “All of Wac’Em’s broadheads promote an unrivaled passion for bowhunting, convey respect for the animals pursued and give customers unequaled value, craftsmanship and results.”

The Wac’Em American-forged steel expandable will be available in a big 1.5-inch cut in a two-blade and three-blade version — all in 100-grain weights.

100-GRAIN Item # S-2100:

  • Two-Blade Expandable Head
  • True Field Tip Accuracy
  • American-Forged Stainless Steel
  • 1.5-inch Cut Diameter

100-GRAIN Item # S-3100:

  • Three-Blade Expandable Head
  • True Field Tip Accuracy
  • American-Forged Stainless Steel
  • 1.5-inch Cut


About Wac’Em Archery Products LLC:

Wac’Em Archery Products LLC is home to Wac’Em Broadheads, which have earned the reputation as “the sharpest, toughest, most accurate broadhead ever.”

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