Woman Holds Burglar At Gunpoint

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Woman Holds Burglar At Gunpoint
Bob Irwin
Bob Irwin

USA –-(Ammoland.com)- The Tifton Gazette reports 12-21-2016 in Tifton, Georgia, a local woman was leaving the local CrossFit back on December 12th when she saw a thief going through the belongings in her car.

When a 40 year old male suspect was rummaging through her vehicle, the intended victim, who was armed with a .45, fired a warning shot. The suspect surrendered and the woman held the thief at gunpoint until police arrived.

He was placed in police custody and taken to the county jail.

A recent area history: Five vehicles were burglarized over the prior two weeks in Tifton, with valuables and money that were left in the vehicles being stolen.

The first incident was reported Dec. 11, and according to the police report a passenger side window was busted and a GPS unit was stolen.

The second incident was reported Dec. 12. An unlocked vehicle was burglarized, with pain pills and $60 in cash being taken.

There was no sign of forced entry in the third incident, which was reported on Dec. 13. An iPad mini and $7 in cash were taken from the vehicle during the night.

Two more unlocked vehicles were burglarized, according to police reports filed on Dec. 14 and Dec. 15. $100 in cash was taken from a purse left in the vehicle on Dec 14, and an iPad was stolen according to the report filed on Dec. 15.


A courageous woman but not a good choice of actions. I included the prior similar incidents so readers understand her motivation.

The shot in the air was apparently benign. There are no reports of any damage from it. That’s fortunate. All bullets that are launched hit something.

Holding the suspect at gunpoint was fine as long as she kept her distance to prevent the suspect from jumping her in order escape. A valid citizen’s arrest by the description.

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That’s a stock photo, NOT the female victim.

BillyBob Texas

When the .45 went off near the perp while he probably had his head down rummaging thru her car…….do you think he needed a change of underwear when he got to the lock-up….?


Yup. He likely went Code Brown. Deservedly so. Nice work…. but what amazes me is the number of folks leaving valuables in their cars, unlocked even, in a place like that. Of course, that’s likely a pretty rural part of Georgia, and I know of some such places where folks never lock their houses, cars, bikes, etc, and nothing ever happens… until it does. My area was considered safe until maybe five years ago (been here 30+ years now) when the nearby city began to coddle and support the homeless. Since then, those homeless have been looking for ways to… Read more »


Good on her – EXCEPT for the warning shot, which is illegal in some states like Arizona.