Wyoming Gun Owners Celebrates Pro-Gun Bill Filed in Cheyenne

Wyoming Gun Owners
Wyoming Gun Owners
Wyoming Gun Owners
Wyoming Gun Owners

USA -(Ammoland.com)- Things are happening fast in Cheyenne.

Working with Representative Bo Biteman, we’ve introduced HB137 to repeal Wyoming’s deadly “Gun Free Zones” policy in all government buildings!

Has your representative co-sponsored this legislation? We need them to stand with us and the other pro-gun legislators in support of this bill.

It’s pretty simple, if you’re legally allowed to carry a firearm, you’re legally allowed to carry your firearm onto public property.

We’re not talking about areas that are otherwise prohibited by federal law or private property owners who decide that carrying is forbidden on their property.

We’re simply asking that the right to keep and bear arms not be stripped from law-abiding citizens while they’re in public places.

After all, these are buildings that you and I pay for and maintain! Why shouldn’t you and I be able to defend our loved ones in public?

Sadly, Capitol insiders are saying “Guns aren’t a priority right now.” I don’t know about you, but I couldn’t disagree more!

You and I both know that “Gun Free Zones” do nothing to protect victims, but only stop them from protecting themselves and their love ones.

There is no amount of bureaucracy that will keep criminals from breaking the law. In fact, 93 percent of mass shootings take place in these so-called “Gun Free Zones!”

Is it any surprise that criminals target locations where they know that their victims will be disarmed and defenseless?

Of course not!


Consider some of these examples from Florida:

  • Last week a madman entered the Fort Lauderdale airport, shot and fatally wounded 5, and injured 8 in this “Gun Free Zone.”
  • Pulse Night Club in Orlando — where 102 people were shot in a “Gun Free Zone” — 48 of them were fatally wounded.
  • Florida State University — where the violent criminal terrorized students, shooting 3 before being stopped by armed police.

All of these happened in “Gun Free Zones.”

I don’t want to read about a tragedy like this playing out here in Wyoming — and that’s why we need to see this legislation become law in 2017.


Please do your part by contacting your representative right away! You can:

  1. Call them directly, or by using the Legislative Hotline which is (866)996-8683 and they’ll connect you or physically bring your legislator a note on your behalf.
  2. Email them, click here to find their email address.
  3. Send them a message on Facebook. Almost all of them are on Facebook, and that’s a great way to reach them!


Once you’re done, please forward this alert on to anyone else who cherishes their Second Amendment rights — and encourage them to contact their legislator as well!

We must stand together.

And I can’t stress enough that, if you haven’t yet, please consider renewing your membership to Wyoming Gun Owners. Your support is the grease that make the gears turn.

So please renew your support for 2017 now!

Without it, I’m afraid Wyoming gun owners may be ignored for the sixth year in a row. And with the recent killings in all of these so-called “Gun Free Zones,” we cannot afford to be ignored any longer.

If we can get enough co-sponsors in the beginning, we have a real shot at making this happen.

Thank you so much for helping us defend the Second Amendment.


For Freedom,


David Ball



P.S. The Wyoming legislature is back in session and Representative Bo Biteman has sponsored HB 137 to repeal dangerous “Gun Free Zones” on public property!

We need help encouraging your representative to co-sponsor this vital piece of legislation!

Please take a moment to contact your representative by calling them, emailing them, or sending them a message on Facebook! (Contact info is above.)

Then if you haven’t done so already, please consider renewing your membership to Wyoming Gun Owners so that we can mobilize more folks to the fight.

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Tionico you are so right on the accurate statement! We all know what happens with “Fake News”.


Minor but significant correction: the baggage claim area at that airport in Florida was NOT a “gun free zone”. No, it is outside the “sterile” areas of the airport, anyone can walk in off the street/sidewalk in the Arriving Flights” lanes in the airport access system. The fact this perp had brought his handgun along with him, legally (except for his demonstrated intent) and then accessed after arrival is immaterial to this attack. He could have arrived by car, parked it at kerbside in the Arrivals lane, walked in, and began shooting. So can anyone else. I have many times… Read more »


This is article is misleading, unfortunately. These “public” buildings are not “gun free zones.” There is no statute preventing anyone from openly carrying a gun into them! There are, far as I know, NO metal detectors or pat down searches at the doors either. And those who want to harm others are always willing to bring their tools of destruction anywhere they wish, regardless of the “law.” Hint… not all of them bring guns. It would obviously be good to have this prohibition removed, and would make all of the feverishly “law abiding” folks feel good. But don’t let anyone… Read more »


I don’t care for misrepresentation on either side and misrepresentation by omission is not acceptable no matter what the reasoning. That said, any restrictions on carry by law abiding citizens are unacceptable.


I don’t know about Wisconsin but when it comes to Florida, you are FULL of IGNORANT bullshyte.
Just TRY walking into any courtroom or government building without passing through a scanner.
I BET Wisconsin is the same way.


Come visit Wyoming. No metal detectors or scanners that I know of. I got into the courthouse and county buildings openly armed. Nobody cares.

A real shame that so many people are irrationally paranoid in Florida… and far too many other places. 🙂


Now criminals will walk in fear now that the average person can go “Death Wish” on their asses at a moment’s notice.


ignored as clanging gong

Wild Bill

@Gil, What is wrong with criminals walking in fear of the average person? So you would disarm everyone in favor of the criminals so that they do not have to walk in fear? I believe that I have “heard” it all, now!