Bill Whittle: Hollywood Club Thug Nazis


USA – -( – After being encouraged by Grammy producers to get political, Hollywood elitists used another public platform to pull fascist, anti-American stunts. Bill Whittle took to NRATV with Grant Stinchfield to fire off on the stupidity and hypocrisy of the Hollywood elitists.

“And they say, ‘we are standing against the Nazis’; no, you’re standing for the Nazis. You’re not the resistance, you’re a rich person who can sing a song and strut around in sequin hot pants, and that doesn’t give you any particular insight.” He continued, “When you say ‘love trumps hate,’ and anybody who disagrees with you, you beat the living snot out of them, you are missing the point just a little bit I think … When club thugs beat up people who have a difference of opinion, you are the Nazis.”

It may not be Hollywood’s fault. According to Whittle, they may not be smart enough to know better.

“I’ve been with these people most of my life. Show business people are almost universally the worst educated people in the world,” Whittle said. “That’s why Hollywood is such an echo chamber, that’s why everyone has the same opinion as everybody else.”

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  • 4 thoughts on “Bill Whittle: Hollywood Club Thug Nazis

    1. The hollywood elites are the true Whores of the country, there isn’t anything they wouldn’t for money! Just watch some of their movies…I rest my case!

    2. “Show business people are almost universally the worst educated people in the world,”

      WOW! Truer words were never spoken !! Never really thought about THAT….but it is true!!

    3. It is time America stood up against Hollywood, etc. How many American does it take to put a dent in their wealthy lifestyle. We sign their pay checks, Lets boycott them for once. And as for the Super Bowl ads! I have called several advertisers locally. The Bud distributor, and 84 lumber locally and told them I would not be buying their products any longer. Then I went and bought a case of Miller Lite. If we all stick it to them where it hurts most, then they will stop trying to stick their radical way of thinking down our throat.

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