Connecticut Carry Fires Back Against Malloy With Common Sense

CT Governor Dannel Malloy
CT Governor Dannel Malloy
Connecticut Carry
Connecticut Carry

HARTFORD, Conn. -( After Governor Dannel Malloy’s announcement this week that he would seek to increase Pistol Permit fees to ridiculous highs, pricing the human right to self-defense out of existence for many in Connecticut, we are firing back.

We are going to show this Governor how common sense and leadership should work, instead of Governor Malloy’s continual mismanagement of state funds and his outright bigoted hatred towards those who possess the means to defend themselves in Connecticut.

It is a lost cause to debate such things with a bigot like Dannel Malloy. Malloy doesn’t care about fixing spending in Hartford, but only about penalizing gun owners further for his personal victim disarmament goals.

We are reaching out to legislators with real ideas that can save municipalities money, save the state money, increase state revenue and make people who apply for a Permit to Carry Pistols and Revolvers satisfied with their access to legal means of personal safety and self-protection.

And this can all be done right now, instead of taking five years to pan out like the Governor’s proposal.

We propose the following:

  1. Remove pistol permitting responsibilities entirely from municipalities. Currently, the municipalities have a majority of the burden in the application process, and that work is entirely useless in terms of public safety.
  2. All permits would be issued directly, the same day at the Special Licensing and Firearms Unit (SLFU) at DESPP headquarters in Middletown, Connecticut for a flat application fee of $100 which includes the $16.75 IAFIS query fee. No state background check fee (currently $50) is authorized by law anyway, and this is a good time to eliminate that illegal fee.
  3. SLFU already conducts the same IAFIS checks and their own instant in-house state conviction history database search imediately when an application is submitted. IAFIS is guaranteed to return fingerprint results in less than two hours. Pistol permit issuance times are thus decreased from months to a few hours, reducing employee processing expense, time and effort.
  4. Remove any and all ‘suitability’ requirements from the Connecticut General Statutes, which are catch-alls that allow local issuing authorities to deny people their right to armed self-defense on arbitrary and capricious grounds, which are often overturned on appeal at the Board of Firearms Permit Examiners.

Utilizing this simple plan, the legislature could work with Connecticut Carry to remove waste all over the state in municipal and state departments, saving countless amounts of money, retaining the same or increased levels of public safety, and keeping the public safe by expediting their ability to defend themselves.

Connecticut Carry will present this overall plan to legislators in the coming week, and offer our services to help craft the actual legislative package that can be directly presented to fix all of these problems and benefit the state’s treasury in a time of financial crisis caused by Dannel Malloy and his administration.


About Connecticut Carry:

Connecticut Carry is a non-partisan, grassroots, non-profit organization devoted to educating Connecticut to our rights in Connecticut.

Visit their website.

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Where’s the petition against this travesty? I haven’t laid eyes on one yet!

Bob H

Now you see why out of 50 states he is ranked the 50th worst governor in our country.


It would seem that democrats are in favor of the criminals, not armed law-abiding citizens. So, if you want to exercise your right to defend yourself, be a criminal. Forget getting permission to buy or own or carry a firearm. And if the Governor / democrats don’t like it, let them foot the bill for a trial followed by room and board for a period to be determined. Meanwhile, you can save your retirement money until you get out. Of course, that presumes they will actually punish you for breaking the law, IF you get caught.


You know Herb, the REALLY SCARY thing is that you’re actually fairly close to correct…. JP …


I thought robbery was against the law in all the states. Do ya’ll get to vote in CT. ???


I think $100 is too cheap…I sam Mr.Molloy should raise the application process to a minimum of $400….


no, $100 is far too high. Remember, this is a RIGHT, to carry about with you the best means of personal securuty. And that RIGHT is in the category of “shal not be infringed”. That means no barriers, hoops, limits, fees, preconditioins, quaifyiing etc. Yes, that means NONE. To hold even the requirement that I physically present myself to a specific place, perform certain prescribrd actions, then PAY A FEE (tax) is to place a prior restraing upon a RIGHT. What, do I have to go down ti City Hall and get a Mother May I Card to write a… Read more »


– send me your application fee of $400 right now!


if the goal is to reduce the deficit because of the governor ‘s and legislature inability to stop spending money then instead of penalizing the few of us who do the right thing by abiding by the law lets just screw everybody and jump driving licenses fees up to $500 then everybody gets it and the next election lets see whos left in Hartford! That is if there are any voters left in the state!


Ps….SLFU and SPBI (the unit that handles fingerprints) two totally different units. SLFU requests fall into the same long line as everyone else. Since I am on topic, thanks to legislative, unfunded mandates, pistol permits is about 1/12th the body of the total workload.


As someone who worked in the SLFU…..your plan is HIGHLY flawed. You have no idea the volume for the TWO troopers that deal with just permits in its current form, let alone your plan.. You REALLY need to educate yourself anout suitability. Its kinda like stink… don’t know how to describe it, but you KNOW when you smell it. Do some municipalities use it to avoid making decisions on an applicant, yup, but there is no perfect system. I think CT does a pretty good job with applications and revocations. I feel the Gov IS trying to outprice permits out… Read more »

Ailean Mac

I am almost 70 and live on a fixed income. So you can understand that a 300% increase in something means a lot to me and $300 is a LOT of money. I can’t afford new clothes, shoes or cars. Going out once a week to Arby’s is a big deal for us. But we manage. I’ve never been arrested, never even been in any serious trouble. I just enjoy going to a local range where I practice Olympic style shooting with other retired friends. None of us are really good at it anymore, but we enjoy trying and each… Read more »


I feel for you my friend. Somehow,someway it will all work out for you. Take care.

Clark Kent

Why in the world do you still live in CT? Feet nailed to the floor? Vote with your feet and MOVE!


Yes, because moving is so cheap!


If this Jackwad get’s away with something this drastic, he will NEVER stop. This guy needs to be hanged in public, naked and scalpless.