Dana Loesch Blasts Dallas County Resolution Welcoming Illegal Aliens


USA – -(Ammoland.com) – Dallas County is now embracing the title of sanctuary county after passing a resolution on Monday to welcome illegal immigrants. Dana Loesch joined NRATV’s Grant Stinchfield to slam the dangerous decision that does nothing but harm the hard-working, legal residents of Dallas County.

“No one is actually taking into consideration what this does to all of the individuals who exist in Dallas County and what they’re going to be putting up with,” Loesch, who resides near Dallas, said. Illegals will soak up what’s left of Dallas County’s depleted resources, especially since both President Donald Trump and Governor Greg Abbott have vowed to punish sanctuary cities by taking away federal and state funding. “You have a number of individuals who are going to be requiring either government assistance or public education, etc.”

Loesch continued, “One of the big draws is public education, because in Mexico you have individuals who have to pay for education and here they are able to enroll there children into public school and obviously get the free education there … free being the operative word.”

According to Loesch, the root of the problem is the businesses that are enabled and empowered by government officials to hire illegal aliens. “You have to go after these businesses who are acting as a beacon and bringing on people who have entered illegally. Because that’s penalizing those who enter here legally and it penalizes those who were born in the United States as well.”

Instead of risking the loss of federal funds to accommodate lawbreakers, Dallas County officials should focus on the major problems it already faces: bringing its namesake city out of bankruptcy, finding ways to replenish and pay its deteriorating law enforcement, and minimizing its booming homeless population.

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As an immigrant that appreciates the right to bear arms is sad to see a lot of folks talking bad about illegal immigrants not all illegal immigrants are here to take advantage of government assistance or free handouts. I understand that going anywhere illegally is wrong but judging an entire community for only few bad apples is wrong.


The need is to prevent especially those illegals who are violent criminals or terrorists from entering the country. To do that, you have to plug all the holes, or whatever holes are left, they will find those. One of those holes is to remove some of the incentives that lure also the more peaceful illegals, or there’s too many to police and the criminals get in as well. the more peaceful illegals would just need to wait and enter legally, but the holes need plugged right away before irreparable damage is done, if that hasn’t happened already. Short of building… Read more »


Thousands of Californicators have moved into Dallas. Perhaps Governor Abbot should declare them as illegal aliens in Texas! Flood the Governor’s office and make his phone go off the hook. Dallas, better call your reps.


no,Dallas just get up in the grilles of the goons samming shi# garbage down your throats. County commissioners CAN be recalled And it looks like this might be an excelllent opportunity to prove that.


Even legal immigration has its problems as the system is perverted. Actual e.g.: Woman legally immigrates from China. Shrewdly avails herself of all of the government programs and handouts, but eventually settles in with a well-paying productive job in the health care industry (admin of some sort). Immediately starts the process, chain immigration, for her mother. Mom moves here at retirement age, never having worked a day in the U.S. or paid into SS. Mom gets: Subsidized housing*, subsidized food, subsidized health care and enjoys a standard of living above many working class native born Americans. All perfectly legal and… Read more »


and we keep giving non-residents Constitutional rights – hmmmmmm – who are the fools????

Wild Bill

@Justthefactsmam, the equal protection clause of the 14th amendment says “persons” . So, yes we have to give them equal Constitutional Rights. If we changed that one word to “citizens” we could change everything. It is just the facts.


That is equal “Protection under the law” and is distinct from the phrase above it which cites the rights and privileges of citizens.

So while they may have protections from injustice, they haven’t earned privileges associated with citizenship.

Wild Bill

Yes, Jim you are correct. I see that you have expressed it better than I did. But remember LAPRs do have some Constitutional Rights like owning a firearm, and accessing the courts for instance.


According to Loesch, the root of the problem is the businesses that are enabled and empowered by government officials to hire illegal aliens.

This x 1000. This is the strategy that will stop the erosion of (legal) wages and the influx of illegal extra-nationals.


This can’t be legal. A county or city should not be allowed to state that they are not obeying the law because they don’t like it. I call that anarchy. So I speed past a school doing 70 and it is OK because I do not like the 20 mph speed limit? This is insane, and whomever passed it should be arrested for treason.

Jim S

Disgusting. Sorry people, must be a bunch a Kalifornistan refugees changing your laws, just like they do here..


Yep they are a cancer. Poisoned the northwest, Nevada and everywhere else they go. Human locusts.


Too bad states can’t pass immigration laws against these Kalifornians?

Wild Bill

Cut off all federal funding.



Ron Jacobsen

We will see more of these ridiculous policies being instituted in formerly conservative Red States as more and more people leave the blue states they have made unlivable. Because you can’t fix stupid and they don’t understand why the place they leave got so screwed up, they continue their misguided mission to produce the “perfect world”.


Ron, you are so absolutely correct!! When stupids breed, they keep getting stupid!!!


That tree don’t branch!


stupid, squared.